Recent Styling for SS17

Hurray! My wardrobe has had a recent styling for SS17.  You may remember I had a Style Makeover with stylist Lindsay Punch?  Lindsay assessed my ‘colours’, body shape and style.


photo credit: Katharine Davies

Fast forward a few months and I needed Lindsay’s help again.

celebrity style icon

I was given Olivia Palermo as my celebrity style icon (we all need one). I was thrilled with Olivia because she’s petite like me, I love her style so much and follow her feed on Instagram.  We have similar colouring and style, although not similar budgets unfortunately!

a step backwards…

Recently I’ve put on 10 lbs after leaving the gym and thinking I could be motivated enough to work out at home.  Big wake up call for me, I need the gym.  So 5 months later I’m back at the gym with a different workout that is pushing me and not quite back at the point I was at before.  At least I’m back on track and I’ve consistently been at the gym at 6.30am since re-joining.

This self made hiccup will not stop me in my fitness and style goals which include legs that can wear short dresses!

personal shopping is the way forward!

Cue a desperate call to Lindsay Punch Styling who also does personal shopping as part of her repertoire!

The date came round one evening, I sat down with a glass of wine and had a Skype chat with Lindsay for 15 minutes about what I needed.  Because Lindsay already knew my body shape and my style preferences she had all the knowledge she needed to make smart choices for me.  I completely trust her judgement and know she is sensible to my concerns about sustainable fashion.

Online shopping a total drag as far as I’m concerned, scrolling through a ton of websites does not excite me and I tend to give up after 10 minutes.  I love that we are all different as Lindsay LOVES shopping and she made the experience enjoyable for me!.

After an hour I got my first of 3 emails.  I went through links she sent and put yes or no and why next to the item.  Then we had another quick call and she worked for another hour with even more knowledge about what I like and don’t like.

In total I had 3 emails absolutely chocka block full of links to reasonably priced items from stores I’d heard of.  This is important to me because I prefer to make returns back to the store rather than faff with resending in the post.  Lots of stores charge for returns so this is a consideration for me.  I hate wasting money.

We are fortunate to have a lot of High Street stores in Yeovil.  I made most my choices from New Look and Oasis!

My fav is the jumpsuit which I wore to my friends birthday party at the weekend! My new fav neutral is NAVY!




New Look Khaki Cold Shoulder Top (other colours available)

Lindsay suggested this New Look utility jacket in khaki and I decided I liked the stone/cream colour.


Lindsay encouraged me to get this Willow Oasis denim jacket for those cooler summer evenings.  I love the rose gold buttons and Lindsay advised that I size up for this one and it’s spot on size wise.  It also has some stretch which I like because I hate feeling restricted.


Satin Wrap Top – Oasis

LOVE this top even more in real life, it’s super soft and looks way more expensive than it is.

I brought more than I’ve put down and these are my favourites of my personal shopping experience.

Lindsay has been super helpful, I wouldn’t have found any of this apparel on my own and it helps to see yourself through someone else’s (expert) eyes sometimes!  SS17 is suddenly part of my wardrobe and I LOVE IT!



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  1. Wow been thinking of sorting myself out style wise so I always look good whenever needed and whatever occasion, like you I got cocky and lost track of myself but I’m really unhappy and now need a kick up the rush in the correct direction.

    Fab post and now I know who to go to in future

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