The return of The Yeovil Show 16-17th July 2016

The return of The Yeovil Show is a big deal for me.  I remember moving to Yeovil when I was 8, keeping Yeo-Cool since 1986.

We moved here because of my Dad’s job with the MLC (Meat & Livestock Commision).  He worked at the old market in the centre of Yeovil when farmers would bring their livestock to town to market.  I’m proud of my humble and hardworking farming background.


Move on a few years and our market is derelict and we appear to have lost our countryside identity.  What happened there?

Then I hear about a show, a country show that used to happen years ago, bringing the countryside to the town, with animals and crafts and local trades all coming together to give us the best of Somerset and my heart lifts a little (a lot).  Because The Yeovil Show is coming back.

What I feel in my heart that our town needs is community and identity and a whole lot of the warm fuzzy feelings about our town, and to fall in love with it again.

This show means much more to me than a fantastic family day out, it’s about the investment into our community and giving us back some of that countryside spirit and giving us back our identity as a market town too.  And even more than that – something to feel really proud of.

Yes, The Yeovil Show makes me feel ALL the warm fuzzy feels.

Everything I hear about the show lifts my spirits.  The spitfire flyover preceded by the Yeovilton Military Wives Choir as well as a ceremonial circuit of the main ring by fourteen military vehicles.  The attractions, competitions, the arena, the local trade stands  and so much more.

South West Trains are putting on thousands of free seat between Yeovil Pen Mill to Yeovil Junction and shuttle buses to the show ground and including our 4 legged friends, which just shows the type of atmosphere the show creates.  See the timetable click ‘By Train’.

We so enjoyed our day at the Devon County Show a few weeks ago and The Yeovil Show promises the same high quality day out for the whole family.

I am so grateful to Sam Mackenzie-Green for steering the show and for the countless volunteers who have worked to bring us an amazing country show that we can all be proud of and invest in (with our hearts I mean!)

So I guess what I’m saying is, this is OUR show, it’s called The YEOVIL Show so this is for us.

While you may think ‘oh that’s nice, they’re bringing back The Yeovil Show after 50 years away’ BUT ‘can’t go though too busy, we’ll go next year’. Can I encourage you to replace that BUT with ‘and we need to go’?  Because shows like this don’t continue unless we SHOW UP.

I want to see excitement in the NOW, in the fact it’s coming back NEXT WEEK, support the hard work and dedication at THIS YEAR’S SHOW.

By showing up and being involved, by saying thank you, by buying a hot dog and a cider and clapping the rosette entries in the arena you are investing in this show and in our children’s future in this town.  Not wanting to be melodramatic (moi?) but do we really want to wait another 50 years?

I know I don’t!

So I’ll be at The Yeovil Show with my family on both days because I just think it’s so fantastic for our town.  I’m ALL IN, can I put it out there that we go over and above in supporting this show?


Lizzie xo

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