Save Syria’s Children


This is hard.  Harder than I thought.  Hard to think about and hard to write about.

I don’t want to feel it, that heartache.  Instead just give me a nice programme to watch, a feel good movie or something fluffy to do or focus on. A nice cup of tea maybe, and a digestive biscuit.

I don’t want to see it and I would most certainly like to go back to my little rose tinted bubble please and thank you.

But I can’t.

Do you know why? Because children and adults are dying.  People fleeing war torn countries, real life and death, real people, real families.  I need to talk about it and I need to see it.  Not because I want to but because I should, because I’m a grown up and I have a heart.

When I see images on the media, the first thing I want to do is turn off.  I want to ‘unsee’.

Loads of people want to turn off.  I know, I get it.  We don’t want to see it in our feeds and we can’t make the seen unseen.  I understand, I used to feel the same.

In order to make a change in this world of ours (no matter how small) then we have to know what’s going on, we have to see, because once we see we have to act, it’s our hearts responding, and once we act the world starts to change one person at a time.

What we’re seeing on the news, it’s horrifying, heartbreaking and at times, unbelievable. My son is 4 and my daughter is 2.  What if that was my child? My children? My family? How would you feel?

And it IS happening.

So what can you or I do about it? from the safety of our warm and comfy homes?


Some blogging friends and I are sharing a picture of our children holding a sign saying ‘it could have been me’.  We are hoping for our social media feeds to be covered with pictures of our kids, real children saying quite simply, ‘it could have been me’.  The thing is friends, it so easily could have been us, our kids, but for being born in a different country.

Please share your photo’s and join us with the hashtag #SaveSyriasChildren 


Donating money to help save Syria’s children is an easy and effective way for us to make a difference.

To donate £5 text the word ’SYRIA’ to 70008

If you’d rather donate online or to use PayPal please click on this link: Syria Crisis Appeal

Please read:

Save the Children T’s and C’s

I know it’s hard, it’s horrible, I wish it wasn’t happening and I wish I could turn a blind eye but I can’t.  Please don’t look the other way. This is a small thing we can do but it will make such a huge difference.

No matter what our political thoughts or feelings just respond from one person to another.  Because this is about people really. People like you and people like me.  People like our children.

With love

Lizzie xo

5 thoughts on “Save Syria’s Children”

  1. Thank you Laura, it was a toughy to write as I never feel like I know enough about the reality of the situation, but I was happy to raise money for a great cause xo

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