Screwball Rally 2014

Hey friends,

It’s been such a strange year so far.  We’ve known that Jon (my hubs) will be going away in September for a week around Europe since January, but it’s not really felt that real until now. With just over a month to go, it’s really time to kick this adventure into gear!


You can see what it’s all about by clicking through to their blog about it HERE.

My hubby & his mate Tom have both lost parents to cancer. Both wanting to do something, they came across the Screwball Rally.  5 Countries over 5 days, 2,500 miles in a beaten up old car worth no more than £300.


This is a huge undertaking with lots to be taken into consideration.


The guys decided to go for it! Their dream is to use this adventure to raise money for St. Margaret’s Hospice (Yeovil) where Tom’s Dad spent his final days.

Please (please) support them by:

1. Printing out this poster & putting it anywhere you are able to.  You car, your office, noticeboard in your local shop! Screwball Rally

2. Bring it to the attention of your Company!

Corporate sponsorship with your logo on the car is now available & would be a huge encouragement to the lads. This needs to be done SOON!  Let’s make this car the most colourful in the whole rally!  Your brand will be seen in 5 countries & in the Western Gazette in September 2014. (circulation 31,000).

3. Sponsor Jon & Tom.  This is an adventure but it’s also going to be extremely tiring, way out of their comfort zone, they’ll  be staying in a different country every night & it’s going to cost them loads of money from their own pocket.  (None of the money raised for St. Margaret’s Hospice will go towards the costs of entering & driving this rally i.e. 100% of the money raised will go to the charity!)  Click here to sponsor Jon & Tom

4. Pray – for safety, that the car won’t break down, that sponsorship will keep coming in & encouraging the lads, & for me & Tom’s partner who will be looking after our children solo while they’re away.

5. Both Tom & Jon have sons, their sons were born on the same day, that day falls during the rally.  They are missing their sons’ birthdays because they believe passionately in this cause! Be thinking of them as they’re away missing their boys’.

6. Camping equipment.  The guys are already spending loads of money on this rally (entrance fee, ferry, car, think how much petrol they’ll need just for starters, ouch!) Please help support them anyway you can.  They will need:

A two man (pop up or quick assembly) tent

A camping stove & Cooking stuff

Sleeping bags

Food & Bottled Water

Your donations to meet these needs would be stupendous!!

As for me I’ll be keeping the home fires burning, but I’m sure I’ll be pretty tired too running the whole show back here in Blighty, so all your prayers are greatly appreciated.  Let’s all join in wishing them all the best in their endeavours!!

The countdown has begun.

Blessings to you all!

Have a great day.

Lizzie XO

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