Sew A Needle Pulling Thread

I am always a-mazed I have so many talented friends, especially those who make things from practically nothing.

I’m pretty sure they started the revolution long before Pinterest.

I really, really wish I could make ‘stuff’!

But I can’t, sigh! Just not my gifting. So the next best thing is to have something hand-made, with the personal touch, from someone you personally know!

I’m talking sewing today. I have two talented friends who are both very different to each other but both make things which I now have & love in my home.


Erin (middle) & I met on a work course & hit it off immediately. Fast forward a few years & Erin founded her Facebook based business, Bambino Ribbons, in addition to her career as an Engineer.

Bambino Ribbons sew everything baby & young child related from ribbon comforters, dribble bibs, blankets, pram bumpers, personalised bags, Christmas stockings & much more….Erin is a busy girl with a back order book!!!


I’ve ordered dribble bibs, ribbon comforters, dummy savers, toy savers for my two & been given a beautiful pram blanket as a gift when Sweet Bea was born. It has her name & date of birth on it which made it such a personal gift.

I can tell you everything is beautifully made & my children love the soft plush fabric, so soft! Choosing the fabric is part of the joy. You can choose from boys, girls and neutral patterns & motifs. I love the strawberries!!


Find my friend Erin on Facebook & like her page, she’ll make you feel welcome.

mrs herb

Charlotte Herb is a chum of my sister’s & I’m pleased to say, is my friend now too. Our children get on great guns & she’s a hero.

Char’s main job alongside bringing up her 2 year old is her graphic design business. Including soft home decor, tie dye baby clothes & whimsy pieces & much, much more. Her pieces are uniquely designed & made with real love & attention.

Each client is assured a unique, hand made, one off piece. I ordered a cushion for my son & it’s beautifully designed & made. I have Little Miss’s in commission!!

If you are fortunate enough to find Char at a craft fair you may end up with some of her smaller items, designed cards, Christmas decorations, children’s fabric bunnies & more.

Now moving into wedding stationery & available for freelance design projects too. A real diverse talent & a truly lovely girl!!

You can find Char on Facebook here Or contact her by e-mail

Whilst on the subject of sewing I’ve asked hubby for a unique Christmas gift this year. I really want an experience rather than something to unwrap. So on my wish list is a workshop at The Makery in Bath.

If you can already sew but want to add new skills to your repertoire then the workshops could be right up your street. From lampshade making to appliqué & free machine embroidery, you’re bound to find a class to suit your crafty inner self.

Me? I think I’ll go for a beginners class…ahem. Novice alert! much to my Mother’s chagrin. She did try, to be fair.



I’d love to go with friends, it would be so much fun!!

Do you have creative & talented friends? I’d love to hear about them.

What’s on your wish list for Christmas? An item or an experience?

Comment below!

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx

18 thoughts on “Sew A Needle Pulling Thread”

  1. The Makery Emporium looks amazing! Didn’t realise there was something like this in Bath! Good find! X x

  2. love the little comfort blanket. i have no sewing talent either! wish i did!

    anna (intheplayroom)

  3. Ah such a lovely idea to promote your friends like this 🙂
    I too am not gifted in the sewing and crafting department – I have the ideas in my head just not the skillz to make them happen!

  4. Thanks Annie, I love reviewing things I know & love. It’s helping me find my writing style too, so I’m grateful my friends let me write about them 🙂 regards Lizzie x

  5. What inspirational friends! Gorgeous creations! Like you I’m always bowled over by the sheer wealth of creative talent out there in the everyday, ordinary world.

  6. Aren’t they wonderful 🙂 thanks for commenting on my post. I really try look to local small businesses for all my purchases. I love that my friends are so talented! Regards Lizzie x

  7. Oh how lovely to have such talented friends and for you to share them with everyone. I’m sure you are very talented too.
    I do have some amazing friends – in particular one amazing at crochet – and shh she’s making me Batman for Christmas.

  8. Mellissa Williams

    I’ve just started sewing classes myself actually. I wish I lived near Bath it’s one of my favourite places I visit every year. Great post thanks for sharing

  9. I think sewing class is a great idea. I was always a bit scared of the sewing machine when I was younger. I would be ok with it now & love the idea of learning with others. We are fortunate that Bath is in Somerset & really near. It’s one of my favourite places aswell. Thanks for commenting! Regards Lizzie xx

  10. It’s a disappointment I’m working on, how can I feel so creative inside but be totally awful at crafts, sewing & making things! Will have to concentrate on creative writing 🙂 thanks for commenting Kara. I appreciate you taking the time. Regards Lizzie xx

  11. I love crating, not an expert but I try.I live near Bath and I always visit The Makery shop for inspiration and a little indulgent fat quarter buying.I haven’t been to the The Makery Emporium yet though, somewhere to visit next year I think.

  12. I adore Bath! My Mum is from Corsham & we have other family near by, I always think I’m home when I’m around that way.
    Have you done any workshops at The Makery? Thanks for commenting on my post 🙂 Lizzie xx

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