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Welcome back, I’m hosting this week and I hope you’ll link up tonnes of posts old and new, I want to read them all!

I made quite a monumental decision the other day I wanted to let you in on.  I had gotten into quite a negative spiral about some things about blogging and business building.  And I realised something, I haven’t enjoyed blogging for quite a long time.

What started as a cathartic, creative release from the mundane of being at home with the children 24/7 back in August 2013 (knee deep in nappies at the time) sparked my natural ambition.  Other people were monetising their blogs successfully so why not me?

The problem came when I niched down to a Somerset focus which is 100% the direction I want to take this blog.  That has not changed one bit (my love of Somerset runs deep as you know!) However let’s just say that Somerset indie/artisan, local biz isn’t necessarily ready to pay the invoices that bigger brands can afford. The process of knowing that has been quite a journey in itself.  So lots of awkward email exchanges later… I have decided to un-monetise my blog and concentrate of being the authority in Somerset.

Some of my many reasons and realisations:

  1. I’m not a natural business woman and that’s ok, I’m not prepared to make the sacrifices which include time away from the children while they’re still so young and settling into school.
  2. Staying up into the small hours hustling to reach my ‘goals’ has massive knock on effects on my family and my mental health.
  3. It’s ok, not every interest and goal needs to be a revenue.  At least not to start with.
  4. Charging a fee to local brands was robbing me of joy and turning off my ideal clients of small local artisan/indie producers and creators, which then means 0 content that I’m happy with.
  5. Even though I believe I have a God given gift to write, I don’t always WANT to write or indeed have anything to write about.  Forcing the issue meant I was stressed out and the joy definitely went out of it for me.
  6. Forcing my family to events that held no interest for them (I love them btw) which ended up in stress all round, just to get some pictures for a blog post.  No fun for anybody, trust me.
  7. I was paying to attend these events; fuel, my time, ticket price, lunch, a blog post and promotion etc and not earning anything.  In regards to business sense, it wasn’t working.

So, after all of these realisations I knew I had a decision to make. Do I quit the blog or recommit?

I did the ‘when to commit, when to quit’ test (I have a deep love for Marie Forleo Q&A Tuesday) would I regret putting it all down in 10 years time?

The blog I would absolutely regret putting down, I love my blog and how far I’ve come, I love the community and I love writing.  The blog HAD to stay.  The business though? No I wouldn’t regret putting that part down for now.  So the answer was clear.

I’ll still attend events, but the ones I WANT to go to and that fit with my values and the direction I want to take this blog.  I won’t be asking for my travel expenses to be covered and I won’t be charging for blog posts or side bar ads.  I will write about brands I love because I love them.  I’ll go to events because I want to go to them and pay for them myself and write about them if I want to (and feel you guys would be interested in it).  Full disclaimer, I will not have been paid to write them.

I may be given tickets to an event or gifted a product for review purposes but that’s as far as ‘payment’ will go.

I feel so much peace about this decision.  Now I’m free to showcase all of the best places to go, things to see and products/producers I KNOW you will want to know about.

Have you had any A-HA moments recently? I’d love to hear them.


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Thank you so much for linking every week Patrick!

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Lizzie xo

7 thoughts on “Share the Joy”

  1. I had a similar realisation a while back; what I wanted to blog about. It’s narrowed my niche down but it’s much more positive, much more upbeat and much more ‘me’! It’s great when you follow your heart isn’t it? #sharethejoylinky

  2. Lizzie, this post makes me SO happy for you! I’ve done so much pivoting over the past few years and I know just how much of a relief and release it is when you finally make a decision that feels right! Good for you for reclaiming the joy of blogging by making changes that were right for you 🙂

    I had an A-Ha moment last week, when I realised I needed to record videos of my children’s poems and stories and get them “out there”. I have several that have been sitting around for years, with wonderful characters I love, and I have an idea of how to make it “magical” on screen… I’m still unsure of exactly how it will all pan out, but both myself and Tim are so excited about the idea (you know it’s a good one when your husband gets as excited as you are and says, “I can help you with that!”)

  3. There’s no point if it’s making you unhappy and the family are being affected.For the amount of time and effort V rewards it’s just not worth it. Do what you enjoy xx

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Lizzie! I am totally the same – can’t be bothered with paid stuff as then I’d have to register as self employed and do all that awful business stuff. Instead,I just write about what I love and ask for a few freebies every now and then. I get products I love and my readers get the best of me. Such a great decision and I pray that God blesses you in that. x

  5. Big well done Lizzie, it sounds as if you’ve made a great decision. I went through a similar process a few years back. it is so easy to get carried away with doing the same as everyone else but it has to suit yoru family. Mich x

  6. Do what is best for you. My blog is my creative outlet in my life. It makes me want to go to events and get out of my house. My kids are adults (20 and 21) so I don’t really have to drag them along to places, the problem I have is that they come with me anyway and comment on how I am taking my pics and things like that.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

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