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Hi friends,

I have so many fun things to write about, since I only have today off though I have so much to fit in including a personal training session and a pep talk with my life coach.  Writing sometimes takes a back seat which is such a shame as it’s something I love doing.

It can feel hard sometimes can’t it, to make room for the things we love when our plates are loaded so high.  As a mum with young kids with Christmas coming up and ALL the shopping still to be done it can be easy to drop the things we love doing.  I know I need to make time through.

We went to the Yeovil Lantern Parade at the weekend and it was great! I still have no idea why the parade set off before the set time of 5.30pm (we got there dot on 5.30pm and the parade were already half way around the route) but we so enjoyed making our own lantern and being part of something lovely in the town.

I also spent part of Saturday taking some time out for beauty and relaxation! I know me taking this time put a stress on my husband though, as purely by coincidence I had a hair cut booked the same day and it could have looked like a took the mickey out of him a little as I spent the morning having reflexology and a mini pedi and the afternoon having my hair done! He did such a great job with the kids, and it’s so easy as a mum to feel guilty about taking time out for myself.

I just wanted to share that I feel that way too, if you do.

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Thanks for reading!

Lizzie xo

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