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As we start to close out 2016 I’ve been looking back and thinking about what has gone well and what my goals for 2017 are.  When I started this blog 3 years ago I really wanted it to be a place of community even from the very beginning. I dreamt of a place where people could come and draw up a chair, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and lose themselves in the pages of this blog.

Stories of our lives as a family with young kids would be interspersed with interesting articles and posts about organisation and parenting and my faith and I had hoped that these pages might motivate, maybe even inspire and be helpful to you all.  Honestly, the blogs I enjoy reading the most are those that take me on their journey with them. It’s not the destination that is important.  Joy shines all the brighter when shared with hilarious mishaps, failures, mistakes and hic-ups along the way.

To a point I’ve been successful, I have been so thankful for the sponsors who have taken me to their hearts this year, from Debenhams and Butlins to Yeo Valley and Wyke Farms, my big dream of being a Somerset ambassador is coming true.  I’m more confident than ever and I have loved, loved, loved telling you about the brands that I use and why and I’m excited to do more of that in 2017.

However, as time has gone on I’ve realised that I’ve let fear silence me about lots of things that remain unsaid and that doesn’t feel so good.  Fear about revealing too much, mostly about my children and the things they say. Fear of sharing my true opinions about things because of confrontation or trolls.  I’ve let that fear push down my goals to publish an inspirational parenting blog which readers count on to show up each week and I believe it’s only through vulnerability that I can truly push forwards and break down those walls and show you what I’m really made of (which is tough stuff mixed with a Somerset cheese middle).

I wish (so much) that you knew my children and husband more than you do now.  I wish you knew our heart for people.  Oh you would love them, so, so much.

I wish you could come over and pull up a chair and tell me your stories.   I’d laugh at your jokes (promise!) and cry tears with you when you’re sad.  I love you all, every reader who has ever clicked on my blog and engaged with me in some way, I treasure you all more than you will ever know.  From a woman who was broken from post natal depression, anxiety and hallucinations to a woman who is now setting out in business on her own terms, gratitude doesn’t even cover it.  This space of mine (even with the unsaid things) has changed my life beyond measure.

And yet, the fear, it’s still there, holding back that real connection and yet I want you to know me, to know US.  I’ve always been honest of course, just in a top level kind of way.  I wish you knew about Harry’s inventions and wild dreams and ideas, the things he says and that laugh that will have you all laughing too.  And our daughter, beautiful Katie who is so fiercely independent, refuses to conform and will probably change the world (and runs rings round me most days).

My love for Somerset runs so much deeper than even I thought possible.  It’s not a fluffy love about clouds and fields, its deep rooted in a land that is full of a crazy mix of innovation and beauty, community spirit and a unique flavour that is hard to describe.  Maybe it’s only something Somerset has, maybe you have to come here and feel it for yourself.  From Glastonbury Festival, to the levels, and Exmoor to Bath.  This diverse, green and beautiful county has caught my heart and I want to explore it myself and bring it to you, right here in these pages.

This fear to a point comes from mistrust I think, mistrust in myself that I would be acceptable and that my views are worthwhile and mistrust in others too, that you would be kind. So I’ve decided to drop that mistrust and throw open the floodgates for 2017.  In return I ask only for respectful and loving dialogue.  I want only the best for you and for you to want the best for me too.  Loving and respectful comments will always be welcome here.

Right, on to the link up!

Share the Joy is the happiness-focused linky created by Michelle Reeves from Michelle Reeves Coaching, formerly known as The Joy Chaser.

Michelle has asked me to step in and host for her while she creates some exciting new courses and free resources for busy mamas and bloggers – including working 121 with them to create exciting goals and actionable plans to make 2017 their Best Year Yet! (Find out more here Best Year Yet!).

I’m really excited to be hosting and can’t wait to read all your fabulous posts!

Bloggers, writers, artists, poets, if creating something made you laugh out loud, opened your heart, raised your spirits or just made you smile – you’re welcome here.

Link up and share your creations with a wider audience. All genres are welcome – new or old favourites and as many links as you like.


Each week, I’ll pick a favorite post and feature it on the following week’s Share the Joy link up (I’ll be adding my picks to Michelle’s Pinterest Board where you’ll find all our favorites in one place).  Last week I loved: Holiday Inn Express and a *BIG SUPRISE*  by Free From Farmhouse.  This blog post made me cry as Holiday Inn reunited loved ones for the holidays, a must watch!

Today I’m sharing my A fun Style Session with Lindsay Punch Styling and I would love your comments.  Ok, let’s Share the Joy!

Here’s a reminder of the 3 really simple rules…

1) Link up a creation that has brought you JOY – all genres are welcome, new or old favourites and as many links as you like!

2) Link back either by including the Share the Joy badge (below) or a text link back to this Share the Joy linky page in your own post.

3) Please comment on one of your hosts’ posts and a few others. Let’s Share the JOY through commenting as well as through our posts!

Share the Joy will run for a whole week until the following week’s linky is open, so you’ll never be too late. And don’t forget to tweet me (@lizzie_roles) and Michelle (@MReevesCoaching) the URL to your post using the hashtag #sharethejoylinky so we can retweet it.

Feel free to invite your friends to join in – JOY is always better when it’s shared!

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This will be the last linkup of the year! I’m going to be taking a break to be with my wonderful family over Christmas.  It’s been so wonderful hosting you these last few weeks and I will see you again in January, as we look forwards to a new year with lots of expectation and hope for the future.

From my family to yours I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

With love

Lizzie xo

6 thoughts on “Share the Joy”

  1. I love this post, Lizzie. Making yourself vulnerable takes courage, and I know you have plenty of that. But please only share what you feel is right rather than because you think you should. And always remember what our Brene Brown says ? Xxxx

  2. Thank you for reading Leigh, I want to share more of my feelings, thoughts and opinions in a respectful and loving way. The things when I’m not so enamoured or happy about something, I’ve always believed that to share anything negative would rub out all of the positive things, and I don’t want to just share the fluffy happy things. I don’t always feel happy, I haven’t always been happy and those happy things are great and they’re real, but reality is a multi-layered affair with some bad bits thrown in, I can’t leave them out and expect people to connect with us in an authentic way. I look at you and your strength both physically and spiritually and admire that you dare to share the real, gritty and authentic life you lead and are designing for yourself. I so admire you. You’re an inspiration and I hope to be that too, in my own way, for others xo

  3. I understand your fear. It’s hard to put yourself out there when it seems there are many people with the need to put others down. Over all I like to think most people are kind, positive and understanding. The negative people that troll are really very sad. It doesn’t make it any less upsetting , but trying to keep in mind they’re to be pitied more then anything, might help us. Thank you for your honesty and also for hosting. Have a lovely holiday.

  4. You’re right Jackie, most people are kind, positive and understanding and the few that are not will not be attracted to my blog anyway, I welcome only honest, authentic, kind and respectful dialogue and I agree that those who choose to put others down instead of choosing to lift them up and encourage are to be pitied. Happy Christmas to you and yours and thank you for joining in Share the Joy! xo

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