Fitness goals for 2018 that will keep me motivated

I’m sharing my fitness goals for 2018 to keep me motivated and hopefully accountable to hit my goals!

School PE

At school obviously there was dreaded PE.  I also played netball and hockey extremely badly (I was WA btw).

The activity I hated most at school was long distance running.  There was a girl called Abi at school who ran like Paula Radcliffe, she had long striding legs while I had little dumpy ones that didn’t run very fast. I was always at the back.

I don’t think I was always last in the dreaded ‘choose who to have on your team’, but I definitely wasn’t the first.

Fitness then

As a twenty something me and my friends Helen and Mel would head off to BLT on a Wednesday in the hopes of working off our kebabs from the Saturday night before, you know, before the next weekend.  It was definitely about how I looked rather than how I felt that was the priority.

Fitness now

As I’ve gotten older and hopefully a little wiser, I’ve realised how much being active is helpful for my mental health. When I don’t exercise I can feel the build up of cortisol in my thighs  and then out of nowhere a bit ofa cloud descends on me.  Not like in my PND days, but still a bit lower than my normal cheery self.  Left unchecked I have no doubt I would sink lower still.

Under Armour

When JD Williams got in touch to highlight their fabulous sporting apparel I was keen to change things up a gear. I’ve always worn the same kind of fabric and colour way so I was drawn to the Under Armour range.  It’s not about showing off and being seen, it’s about getting down to work and hitting my goals.  The leggings especially are so comfy and fit really well at the waist so they don’t fall down when I do my burpees!

I’ve been working with a Personal Trainer at Nuffield Health and it’s certainly shown me what my body can do. I’m a lot stronger than I thought and deadlifts and walking lunges are now a breeze.  Ok, not a breeze, and I am super chuffed that burpees are not as horrific as they sound. I’ve surprised myself how quickly I’ve seen changes in my body and feel so much more confident and stronger in myself.

I’m never going to be one of these people who go out running in all weathers, those bitterly cold ears (that got into my brain) from the long distance running at school has put me off that forever, but give me a warm gym and I’m all in. I’m really enjoying exercise and all the benefits it’s bringing me.

Under armour threadbare fleece block hoody

Under armour favourite engineered leggings  BOTH currently on SALE !!

My fitness goal for the first quarter of 2018 is to fit back into my Topshop Leigh jeans (size 10 32/30) by my birthday which is 28th March.

My PT thinks this is an achievable timeframe and I’m working towards that by eating well and exercise.  The jeans are only one measure of success though (and means I won’t have to replace the 3 pairs I have). Working out is so beneficial to all areas of my life, it makes me a happier person.

Do you workout? How do you maintain motivation?

Lizzie xo


Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with JD Williams and I was sent workout clothes as pictured in return for a review.  All views are honest and my own.

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