Short sighted

For once I’m not being ironic, I’m just blind as a bat.

My eye sight is bad & getting worse.

At my annual examination today I spoke with the optician about possible laser eye surgery. It turns out that it works great for awhile but after a few years the eyes adjust & my long sight would be affected. That’s ironic in itself.

I had to conclude to leave my eyes alone, sigh & get contacts.

On the upside I get to choose another yummy pair of glasses when i need to give contacts a rest, which designer next? I’ll let you know.

On another note, me & the girls (Becky, Claire, Dawn & Jo) went out for dinner last night. It was really amazing to be all together again at The Green Room & yes I did wear heels!

Apart from the girls dipping their bread rolls in my soup (cheeky!) we were impeccably behaved & had a great time catching up with Dawn who was over from Italy.

Until the next time, ciao bella! Photos below.

It’s Little Miss’s Dedication (a bit like a christening) at church tomorrow & I’m so excited to see all my closest friends & family coming together to celebrate this sweet baby girl. She means so much to us!!!

I also can’t wait to share cake with church who support us incredibly & all our friends & family to celebrate after. Pics tomorrow, I know you will be impressed with the cake my friend Lydia made for us!

Finally, I found this beautiful bunch of flowers in the bargain bucket for £1!

Well I think that’s enough for today, I hope you’re having a great day.

Lizzie x





1 thought on “Short sighted”

  1. I’m so glad my Mummy had a good time out with you last night. At last she let me rest. I’m only an puppy and need to sleep! I wish I was there to oggle your food and beg for leftovers 😉 xx

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