Simple Life Revolution

So we all have our favourite celebrity or two but you have to admit some use their influence for good, the world is simply a better place because of them.

The celebrity hero’s on my list are Kirstie Allsopp, Jamie Oliver & Jo Frost. These lovely people firstly make you feel that you know them personally and wouldn’t look out of place around your own kitchen table, but what I really love about them is they’ve changed Britain, & even beyond for the better.

Take Jamie (first name terms, see) not only has he taught us how to make our meals in 30 minutes (or 15) but he’s campaigned and won the most part to change how we eat full stop. In our schools, at home, everywhere! & offers apprenticeships to young people, boom! & the world changes.

Then take Ms Allsopp, not only telling us to pick up our litter via twitter, but also changing how we furnish our homes, it’s all about the upcycle! Get on freecycle don’t throw away, someone else might be able to use it, this is simple stuff we seem to have forgotten somewhere & are slowly re-discovering.

Jo Frost informing us that our children need our time, to get down to their level, explain to them WHY they’re being told something, all simple & logical advice which without her we all would have totally missed! I also love how she can relate to anyone, any situation & any family. No excuses, our children’s behaviour is down to us.

I know there was someone else on my list but you get the gist. We all hanker after a simple life really. Full of family, friends, happiness & laughter. For our kids to be happy & well rounded. I totally buy into what they’re saying to us & I for one am very happy that celebrity no longer just means you’re famous or popular.

As a side note I can’t wait to go to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant with my better half, Jon, on our holiday to Cornwall 2013!!! Looking forward to seeing those apprentice turned professional chefs in action.

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