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We decided to drive out of town and visit The Square soft play in Wells.  We went in on a Saturday from 1-3pm.  There was plenty of choice of where to sit and we decided on plonk ourselves down in one of the comfy sofa areas.

We both remarked at how nice, airy, colourful and comfortable the soft play was.

I said to Jon that it was one of the quietest soft plays I’ve ever been to, possibly owing to the fact there was no music or radio playing and the owner did say it was quiet for a Saturday.  The atmosphere was really relaxed and we really felt at ease in there.

soft play


On entering the children immediately saw the dressing up on the pegs.  Katie is the one who loves dressing up out of our two, I hadn’t seen dressing up at other soft plays so I thought that was a nice touch.  Katie liked playing while wearing a princess dress and there was plenty of dressing up for everyone.

As we went in at lunchtime our minds immediately turned to what was on offer food wise (ruled by our tums) and we were pleasantly surprised at the extensive menu including healthy options which we ignored ha!  All food came out hot and was delicious.



I asked another parent what the food was like and  what she would recommend, she said the food was very good and homemade which I was pleased about as it’s so easy to serve up rubbish to kids isn’t it?  She recommended the jacket potatoes and pizza so that’s what we ordered.  My jacket potato with cheese and beans was a good size with plenty of  filling.  We shared our food with the kids and there was plenty to go around the 4 of us, the staff had no problems providing us with extra plates to share the food out.  Jon said the pizza was delicious!

Harry pizza

Harry and Katie played really happily for 2 hours.  We noted the separate toddler area which is well away from the soft play for the older children and found out The Square will be extending soon with an additional new baby area and a much larger party room.

Things we especially liked:

  • The menu was extensive and well priced
  • Healthy options on the menu
  • Proper tables and chairs with some sofa areas
  • Plenty of room
  • Clean
  • Dressing up
  • Friendly staff
  • Good quality soft play
  • Buggy park
  • Separate toddler area

Things to note

  • The loo is unisex
  • There is no parking and car parks are situated close by
  • The Square host parties and other events such as Sling Meets

Overall we had an excellent time with our children at The Square in Wells, it had a lovely atmosphere and we will definitely go back.



*This is not a sponsored post, The Square did not know we were coming or that we would write a review, we just had a great time and wanted to write about our experience in the hope you might find it useful.



4 thoughts on “Soft Play || The Square, Wells”

  1. It looks and sounds like a lovely, family-friendly place to visit! I like how clean and fresh it all looks – sometimes soft play centres can be really dark and cluttered, can’t they? #sharethejoy

  2. A quiet soft play on a Saturday?! Dreamy! We holidayed in Wells once and always said we might go back so we’ll have to bear this place in mind. #sharethejoylinky

  3. I have to be honest and say I am so pleased my kids are now too big for soft play, when they are busy and noisy I just couldn’t deal with it! Yours looks very serene though. Mich x

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