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Hi friends,

Well it’s April so that means it’s officially Summer.  The weather in good old blighty is sometimes so cold in April & well, April showery!  So far it’s been nothing but amazing!

It feels strange to have such lovely weather so quickly after Winter decided to leave us! Strange, but so right!

Somerset Loves in Summer…


Pimms follow link for recipe!  Pretty much any time of the day (okay, more acceptable anytime after 11am).

Can we add this to my ‘to do’ at the Watergate Bay Hotel when we go down in the Summer? With the wind in my hair like I just don’t care? Oh go on then if you insist

For SWEET BEA this sunhat from Frugi


BBQ apron for the man of the house?  He needs one of those, or he won’t be king, see?


& something sporty for Sweet Harry to finish off.


Gray Nicholls Cricket Set for kids

We’re on countdown to find out Harry’s school place on Thursday & this holiday in May.

Until next time friends here’s to the Summer!

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Lizzie XO

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