Sorted Book Review and a chat about women’s health

Hi friends,

I was sent the book Sorted The Active Woman’s Guide to Health by GP, blogger and author Dr Juliet McGrattan to review.

I don’t usually do book reviews on my blog and I jumped at the chance to review this one.  I’ve been following Dr Juliet on social media for awhile and her enthusiasm for fitness and it’s links to wellbeing in women is really something special.  Dr Juliet tells her own story too, of how starting running changed her life for the better. There are lots of illustrations and explanations as to why it is so important for women to active.

An expert in women’s health

As well as being an expert in women’s health she is a ‘qualified Leader in Running Fitness with UK Athletics and founded a running club for women in her village.  She is the UK Regional Manager, Master Coach and ambassador for the 261 Fearless global movement headed by Kathrine Switzer which empowers women from every race and background to find courage through running and walking.’

I know that my own health suffers when I don’t take the time to exercise and move around in the day.  I’m thankful that in my new job there is not much time to sit.  In my old corporate role I sat for at least 7 hours a day.  Making time in the lunch break for a walk around the block became a really important part of my day and overall wellbeing.

Other work

As well as Sorted, Dr Juliet has written for countless publications about health issues including one I found so interesting about sitting being the new smoking!

Listen to the podcast

To hear more about Dr Juliet’s story and the book you can listen to the podcast recorded recently with Michelle Reeves of Michelle Reeves Coaching!

The Sparkle on Mama Podcast meets…Dr Juliet McGrattan


  • I’ve been following Dr Juliet McGrattan since I got sent the book, published by Bloomsbury and love her enthusiasm.
  • The dip in and out style reference book for women’s health has been written by a woman who is an expert in women’s health.
  • Dr Juliet has shared her own stories and included lots of other people’s experiences too, to help others.
  • It’s not often you find a book that is so jam packed helpful with expert advice you can trust AND a personal story too is it?
  • Sorted outlines when you should see a doctor or not.

I love this book and it will stay on my bookcase as a reference book for the years to come. Sorted is published by Bloomsbury and is out now! Available in all good book shops and online.

Thank you Dr Juliet McGrattan and Bloomsbury for sending your book to me for review.

You can follow Dr Juliet on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Lizzie xo


Disclosure: I received a complimentary book to review, but all views are honest and my own.

Sorted: The active woman's guide to health by Dr. Juliet McGrattan - book review #book #health

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