Springtime Surprise Project – with Captured by Lucy

Hello friends,

So lovely to see you!  I’ve got something in my springtime plans that are really exciting to me, the Springtime Surprise Project; a chance to get creative, to find lovely little things in the nooks & cranny’s of quirky shops & market stalls that will inspire & give someone real joy; not someone I know, but a stranger.


The Springtime Surprise Project is the beautiful idea of talented photographer & blogger Lucy Heath.  I’ve followed Lucy’s Instagram for a little while & her photo’s always inspire & make my day a little brighter.

A recent move means Lucy & her family are fellow Somerset residents, so welcome to you guys, I hope you’re getting settled into your ‘forever home’ in a beautiful Somerset village.

Lucy is a natural light photographer.  She has kindly allowed me to use some photo’s on this post & I think she’s such a talent I had to share her with you.


Recently two of Lucy’s blog posts have really spoken to me.  The first is this one “Words of encouragement in 2015” in it Lucy talks about my favourite subject it seems of 2014, comparison.  Once again hearing the words I’ve also written on my own blog re-iterated by Lucy with her own observations & thoughts reminded me once again that we are all just trying our hardest here, so let’s be kind to each other.  Someone else’s win is not my failure.

The other post which kind of sprang out of the first post is the Springtime Surprise Project. Read all about it on Lucy’s blog Captured by Lucy, isn’t it a lovely idea?

So I’m all signed up & eagerly awaiting my person to happily make things for & send a beautiful package in the post. I’ll receive my person’s likes & loves, hopefully they’ll love how I interpret that into their parcel.

I’ll also receive a parcel & when I signed up I wrote my loves & likes, so even though I’m excited about the giving bit at some point I’ll get an exciting parcel too! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

One of my Love Languages is Thoughtful Gifts, not expensive gifts but a gift someone has really put some thought into really touches me & I love to do the same for other people.  The price limit for the gift is £5 which I think will be quick tricky to put together but I’m so excited to be part of this.


Here are some ideas Lucy has put together to start us off!

So excited! Springtime is just around the corner.

Until the next time friends, have a great day!

Lizzie XO

All images in this post have been graciously supplied by & are copyright of Lucy Heath 2012-2015

2 thoughts on “Springtime Surprise Project – with Captured by Lucy”

  1. Thanks Mich, I love Lucy’s blog & the idea inspired me. I’m just gathering bits for my person now. The limit is £5 so I’m thinking small things like lip balm or hand cream could be included, a sachet of hot Choc, any other ideas? Xo

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