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Hey friends,

As much as we love being outside, cold and wet days don’t usually mean happy yomps across the fields for us.   Anyway we always have a list of chores and jobs to do around the house as long as our arm.  Some of these jobs we have to  work through bit by bit, and cleaning our garage was one of those jobs.

Why is there always one room that ends up being a dumping ground? For us that was the garage.  Bikes, tools, old baby items we no longer needed, store cupboard surplus, paint, booze that we don’t want near the children and toxic items like white spirit all live in our garage.

As a process we’ve been working on de-cluttering our home since the middle of last year.   Using Marie Kondo’s method of ‘does this item spark joy’ we’ve cleared our wardrobes and books. We can’t quite bring ourselves to tackle paper yet, although I’m sure we’ll feel just as liberated as we have with clothes and books.

Next up is our garage which was an absolute mess.  Is your a dumping ground like ours?


back to back

We’ve been moving logs, clearing what we no longer needed and taking stuff to the dump or charity shop.  Jon and the kids have been working hard to clear the clutter (while I take pictures and cheer them on ha!).

We have a car SORN off the road in the garage so we had everything mounted up around the walls well away from the car.  With no real storage solutions it continually looked a mess no matter how much we cleared.  We have a spare fridge and freezer in our garage too just in case we ever have a party! It might happen one day.

Jon my honey

really useful box

It was a dream come true (and a kick up the bum tbh) when Storalex got in touch with their shelving solution!

Storalex offer strong, reliable shelving for home or business and I have to say our garage is transformed! It’s so simple sometimes isn’t it? The solution is….shelves! Who knew.  The adjustable shelving does just the job.  So easy to put together even the kids helped.  The first unit took 20 mins to put up and once we knew what we were doing the others took 10 mins each, easy peasy.

The premium, boltless shelving made it so easy for Harry to help, he loved banging the bits in place with the rubber mallet provided with the pack and not wanting to miss out Katie was on log moving duty.


katie close up

katie carrying logs

katie 4

katie and harry

final close up final

We feel a great sense of achievement every time we look at our lovely shelves and for getting to this point with the garage.  It’s completely transformed, we know where everything is and feel mighty organised.   Jon now has plans to put racking up for the bikes and a hook for the ladder on the wall.  Once you start with the solutions you just want to keep going!

With thanks to Storalex for sending their wonderful units for review, we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for sturdy shelving solutions for home or business.

Lizzie xoxo

*we were sent shelving by Storalex in return for an honest review, all pictures and opinions are my own.



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