Sea Salts and Sail Festival – Me and Mine Project September 2016

Hey friends,

This is my first time linking up the the Me and Mine Project.  The idea is to write a blog post with what we’ve been doing and link it up with other fabulous blogs courtesy of hosts Lucy, Fritha, Alex, Jenny and Katie!  To be honest I’ve been meaning to do me and mine for about a year!


My inconsistency in blogging continues as I’ve been meaning to write about Sea Salts and Sail since July.  So I thought I’d celebrate finally writing it by joining in with Me and Mine for September.

With everything going on this year the blog has taken a back seat.  Part of the reason for that is we’ve been renovating our very own home from home, Dove Cottage in Mousehole, West Cornwall.

We’ve been down countless times this year due to renovating our cottage, it was quite a task to manage the renovation remotely.  Thankfully it was finally ready in June, perfect for our impromptu trip to the Sea Salts and Sail Festival 2016 and ready for the summer holiday letting season. Hooray!


Sorting everything out for the cottage gave us some fraught times trying to get everything organised and to the standard expected, while looking after the children and making sure they weren’t bored for too long.  It’s a 3 hour trip down to Mousehole every time so it’s not just a skip down the road.  Although Jon does love giving the car a good drive out!

Taking Master H and Little Miss with us has also brought about small joys and keeps us focussed on exactly why we’re doing all this, which is all for them of course and our grandchildren hopefully.  We hope it will be place our family comes for generations.  Every trip down is a memory maker for them and all of us as a family.

There is always something to do or items to take down (things have been lost and broken already and need to be replaced).  Letting your place out is not for the faint hearted!  We poured our heart and soul into Dove Cottage and now it’s ready (yay!) the first 6 months of hard work in 2016 to get it ready have just melted away.

After all the hard work it was time to relax, take stock and think of all the memories we’ve had and will have in this wonderful place.

sss-festival-11 sss-festival-10 sss-festival-9 sss-festival-8

Views from our favourite coffee shop in the village the Rockpool Cafe


sss-festival-6 sss-festival-5

A misty harboured


Cheers – the cottage is nearly finished, just furnishing to go now eek!


The Sea Salts and Sail Festival runs bi-annually.  We’d never quite managed to catch it even though we’ve been consistently visiting Mousehole for the last 4 years and house hunting for the last 3 of them.  We had heard all about the festival from the previous publicans Mel and Rob of The Ship Inn who we’d made great friends with (we stayed there a lot while we searched for a cottage and renovated), so we were excited to see what it was like in reality.

It didn’t disappoint at all, everywhere we looked there were boats.  One of the days was abit mistier than the others, it kind of added to the misty mystery and actually fitted the mood of the old wooden boats and colourful flags perfectly.
sss-festival-2 sea-salts-and-sail-festival

sss-festival-18 sss-festival-17

img_0356 img_0357 img_0358 img_0359 img_0360 img_0361 img_0362 img_0363
Climbing over rocks at the rock pools in Mousehole, there was always a boat around the corner or sailing by.

img_0367 img_0369 img_0371 img_0374 img_0375 img_0376 img_0377 img_0378 img_0379 img_0381 img_0386 img_0387 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393 img_0394

My two pull THE funniest faces and make us laugh so much!


A sea weary little girl clutching her bag of shells from the harbour side.

On the harbour side, on the quay, at the rock pools, there were just people everywhere having a great time.  Sparkle on the water, lights around the harbour, dancing, music, salty chips and beer (crisp white wine for me!).  All evoke a feeling that pulls together the Sea Salts and Sail Festival for 2016.

We were so glad we raced down literally by the seat of our pants that weekend in July.  We decided one day and went the next.  That’s the beauty of having a home from home set up ready and waiting to go as long as there aren’t people staying in it enjoying it already of course!

We are feeling very fortunate and grateful to have the cottage and hope many people enjoy staying there over the years and making their own holiday memories that last a lifetime too.

Do you have somewhere you go back to again and again because you just love it so much? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thank you for joining me for me and mine.

Lizzie xo

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  1. Superb post…. thanks Lizzie, The photo gallery and the text blend with each other so well. Of course, I am somewhat biased with such a nautical scene.

    Take care,


  2. Oh bless you even in chaos you are linking up and sharing memories that’s the beauty of this project. Great captures. #meandmineproject

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