Take a Moment – 5 Ways to Keep Anxiety at Bay

5 Ways to Keep anxiety at bay

Hey friends,

Ages ago I hit you with the fact I can sometimes suffer with anxiety in this guest post.  At the time I would say my anxiety was high.  Even sharing that I suffered with anxiety was a massive deal for me.

I haven’t mentioned it much since because for the most part it’s totally under control.

It came to mind that I should probably tell you how I keep it under control.  Anxiety is still part of my life, unfortunately! But the process I’ve put in place is so successful that it has been known for whole days to pass without noticing it much.

1. Firstly Kalms, brilliant stuff you can pick up in Boots, Superdrug or even the supermarket.  You can get lozenges but I prefer just taking the tablet with water or using the mouth spray.  It works really well & quite quickly.

2. Headspace I use an app called Headspace, it’s 10 mins a day & really does filter into your everyday life & thoughts without you realising.  Completely recommend for the mind that is full of lots of thoughts like mine!

3. Self-care.  Knowing what I need to do as an individual to stay healthy, mentally,  physically & spiritually. Exercise, eating right, drinking lots of water, halving my caffeine intake, prayer.

4. Gratitude.  In the past it’s been called ‘Counting your Blessings’.  Be thankful for what you have. Take positive thoughts & quotes on board that are helpful! Pinterest is a great place to look.

5. Putting a timer on checking Social Media.

We all like to see what our friends are doing, but spending too much time on it can have a really negative effect.  However, I don’t see why we should feel guilty about wanting to check what’s going on either! Social Media can be a really positive thing to have in your life if you manage it well.

When I feel it’s slightly taking over I put a timer on my phone, 10 or so minutes is long enough.  Then I put down my phone & walk away.  I’ve got kids to look after & a house to clean! & I’m sure you have goals & jobs to be getting on with too.

So there are my 5 ways that I manage anxiety.

I have had stressful times, I’m a Mum of two young children it goes with the territory.  Some situations just don’t work that well with kids! But the time has gone whereby I take that situation as a  reflection on my skills as a Mum.

That’s a huge leap forwards!!

I want to encourage you as well if you’re a Mum reading this, that when your kid bolts, that’s their age. I have a bolter & it’s stressful, it’s full on, it’s exhausting, but she’s a toddler, it’s what they do!  Pushing the boundaries, seeing that they can get away with.

For all your Mama’s feeling all the stresses, take some deep breaths! Have a drink of water, take some Kalms, if they help! They’re herbal & won’t harm you.

For all of you, above all else take care of yourself! There’s only one of you, you’re precious, remember that!

Have a great day!

Lizzie XO

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