Take a Moment – Buying into Popular Blog Posts (or not)!!

Hey friends,

Just need to get something off my chest, let the thoughts tumble out of my head & then maybe I’ll be able to think a little clearer.

Lately blogging has been harder. Every time I think of something to blog about, I just think that it’s been said before. I know there are trends & I get that but isn’t it abit boring to read
the same thing over & over again?

I think long & hard about whether you’d find a particular idea interesting or not.

Blogging is really hard work & thinking of the ideas is more time consuming than you’d think. That’s why I so appreciate the hard work some bloggers put into their posts & why I highlighted some of them in my last post. Blogs I Love.

I guess every writer gets writers block sometimes but this feels like more than that; I find myself getting more frustrated & instead of taking inspiration for my own blog posts I just keep thinking to myself it’s not original thinking you can’t use that! Or, I saw that on so & so’s blog last week.

I know there are blogs out there who just blatantly copy ideas, the products they review, creative thinking, titles of blog posts etc but I’m kinda old fashioned; I can’t do that! I think you have to be original in your writing & ideas in order to be authentic. Doesn’t it show otherwise!?

I think you can totally tell the blogs that just surf on the tide & those that are original & therefore inspirational.

Plus it’s plain rude (not to mention illegal) to copy someone’s written work & original ideas.

I could write about what it’s like to ‘own’ a toddler/preschooler & the hilarity, tears, joy that comes with that…that’s funny, but it’s already been written, it’s on another blog. She got there first & wrote it better than I could. I read 3 similar posts just last week.

I could joke about being in the ‘bad mum’s club’ before someone else jabs into my mummy guilt with yet another glib post about how rubbish we must be if we don’t do craft or bake with our kids. But I can’t, I’ve seen it, I’ve laughed at it (half laughed, half cried), I’ve watched as thousands have shared it on Facebook. It’s not how I feel deep down though, it’s not the positive Mum I ultimately want to exude to my children.

Maybe I’ve had a sense of humour malfunction, but anything that puts Mum’s down, even if it’s funny, just leaves me even more frustrated after the laughter subsides.

I could write about what I bought in Topshop, a blogger would call it a ‘Topshop Haul’ I know because it’s been done already, I saw it on another blog using another brand! It leaves me a little cold in the end though.

I could write about encouraging each other, how God is for us & not against us, & I could even throw in a bible verse or two! But you know all that, don’t you?…I read it on another blog so you can too!! You can even find it on Pinterest!

So that’s where I’m at right now. Abit blah & abit sarcastic really.,,coz I’ve already read it
& her hair is better & her kids are better dressed!

Maybe I’ll be back later in the week when I’ve pulled my positive socks back on & slapped a smile back on my face. In the meantime, I so appreciate this community on my little slice of the web. I hope you’ll forgive my frank post today. I’m just keeping it real!

Until then you get a grumpy Mum who’s knackered after a full on half term week whose kids wake up twice a night & still wake up at 6am.

Ps I got some new socks from Topshop at the weekend I’ll post a pic on Insta! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you guys have an awesome week!

Blessings as always
Lizzie XOXO

16 thoughts on “Take a Moment – Buying into Popular Blog Posts (or not)!!”

  1. I’m almost glad that I’m not in that group with kids in that age group, because I know what you mean. I just blog what I feel like…really it’s just for me and if some other people like it and comment, that’s all gravy!

  2. I totally understand and also haven’t been posting as much. Have some idea but then think I have already done that. Just have no energy to post, also. Will do it when I can.

  3. I haven’t been blogging long, and it’s really just a way to vent…and I’ll probably find I don’t have the time or motivation once I go back to work next week…but yes I find it difficult even with a million ideas to get them down on the computer, let alone turn them into a funny and irreverent post! I am so in awe of the bloggers who do something creative or have pictures of their toddlers doing “good play” I’m not sure I will ever achieve these things and sometimes it makes me feel worse rather than better…
    Anyway you probably didn’t want a mind dump, but in summary I do think that even if it’s been done before each blogger adds something different, and sometimes I need to hear things more than once to fully understand that I am not alone.

  4. I think it is just writing from your heart – it doesn’t matter if there is something simualar out there (as long as you ref other peoples work). Keep it up you are doing very well xx

  5. Goodness no Julie! I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular! Just trying to find my passions & struggling, as we all do sometimes! I’ll always appreciate the advice you gave me when I first started blogging! You’re a superstar XO

  6. Thanks so much Bob! Also for following & commenting! I really appreciate that. Trying to find your own voice in a saturated blogging world is tricky, but the more I practice putting my own words out there I think it will come. Speaking from the heart is so key. Thank XO

  7. Thank you so much for commenting! I think I got abit frustrated with the huge supply of similar posts, it actually started getting me down as I work so hard to write in a way that will encourage you all as readers. If I don’t feel I’m doing that I’ve failed as a writer! I didn’t want to churn out the same old stuff & whatever I thought of over the last couple of weeks it seemed someone else had already done it but funnier!! I started to wonder if I was adding anything. At the end of the day we’re a community & I need to support all of you lovely bloggers, whatever you want to say. I’ve read your blog before it’s very good. Thanks for reading my rant! ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

  8. I thought “uh oh” I’ve annoyed you. Phew ๐Ÿ™‚ but yes there are things i start writting and just think “its been done” and give up.

  9. Not at all! It’s more the posts that go viral on Facebook that have been known to annoy me at times, especially if you can tell they’ve just been churned out simply to get as many shares as possible. It puts those of us who are serious about it down I think. I’m deciding not to buy into that. I actually thought for a second about writing a funny post about 5 things I didn’t know before I was a Mum & thankfully stopped myself, it’s just not the way I want to go, even if everyone else wants to flow that way, I have to go with my heart & stay true to that. You couldn’t upset anyone, you’re lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

  10. I’ve struggled with just the same thing before but I just need to remind myself that we blog for us as a record of our family – no matter how similar or different it turns out to be from anyone elses blog. It’s just our little corner of the internet and the great thing about blogging is that it is your blog to do as you wish with. I often feel guilty when I find articles telling bloggers to ‘think of their audience’ and ‘make it interesting for their readers’ because whilst I love that people are reading along with our blog, I am not blogging for them, I am blogging for my family. Hope you feel more positive about things soon and hope you get some more sleep. xxx

  11. Thanks so much Rebecca I think that’s exactly where it all stemmed from! I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about how to blog & grow community & in doing that I’ve lost confidence in the things I write about thinking they’re not good enough. If people in their 1,000s think that a Mum driven to drink everyday is what they like reading then I’m not going to get very far in this blogging thing! I think you’re right I need to go back to why I started this in the first place, this is my space to write what’s on my heart for our encouragement. Back to basics! I’m feeling a lot more positive today because all of you lovely people have reached out & encouraged me! But we had a bad night with our teething infant so very tired! Thanks so much for reading & for your insightful comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

  12. In all honesty I wanted to write the Topshop Haul post! I just happen to have read afew similar posts recently so I talked myself into the fact I couldn’t write it because it would feel like copying so it was more I got frustrated I couldn’t write the post without feeling like I’d copped out XO I enjoyed your post! XO

  13. Thanks Stella, I think you’re right in your approach! This blog is for me & to document my children for us. I’d love it if people liked it too! XO

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