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Hey friends,

I want to introduce you to Becky.  A good friend of mine & a fantastically talented local artist.  Through chatting she offered to do a painting of our home with personal touches included, like our cat & the children playing in the garden.  We received our painting just before Christmas & we’re thrilled with it!!  It totally encompasses everything we love about our home.

Rebecca Stidson Artist

To throw the spotlight on Becky & her amazing artwork I asked if I could interview her, I’m thrilled she said yes.

Q. Hi Becky, first tell us about yourself & where you come from?

A. I live in stoke sub Hamdon which is the village I have grown up in. I love living in the countryside and having all the beautiful areas nearby like Ham Hill.  I paint a lot of pictures of the local landscape which I sell through galleries and exhibitions.  A lot of my paintings are commissioned by customers who want a special painting of their house or specific landscape.  I also create a range of bespoke personalised gifts for children that I sell through various shows and fairs throughout the year.

Q. When did you first realise art was something you were particularly good at?

A. I think I realised when I was at school as I enjoyed the subject and I had a great art teacher who inspired me and really helped build my confidence.

Q. Who realised the potential in you to paint professionally?

A. Throughout my education I have been very lucky and I have had lots of teachers that gave me lots of encouragement to do well so I think they realised my potential.

Q. What made you pursue art as a career?

A. I have always really enjoyed art since I was little and it was a natural progression for me to further my study in art and design.  I started selling my paintings while I was living in Australia and found there was a real market for my style of work, which built up my confidence and gave me the encouragement I needed to set up my own business when I returned to the UK.

Q. Who is your favourite artist?

A. My husband recently bought me a beautiful print for our wedding anniversary, It was by a local artist that I have admired for a long time.  Her name is Yvonne Coomber and her work is truly amazing.  Her use of beautiful glowing colours and the energy in her work is very inspiring.  I am saving up for an original!!

Q. What inspires you the most?

A. My children, family and friends.  The beautiful landscapes around where I live.

Q. Is art part of your personality?

A. Definiately!  I love looking at art, making art and sharing ideas and making art with others!

Q. How do you paint, what techniques do you use?

A. I use a variety of media in my work, but mainly use acrylic ink and a glue based medium that I pipe on a bit like icing!  I enjoy experimenting!

Q. Where can we buy your work?

A. You can view a lot of my work on my website at www.rebeccastidson.co.uk and can buy direct from myself.  If you want to commission a special painting of your house, landscape etc  I can come out and visit you if you are local or I work well from photos if you live further away.  A few local galleries stock my work including Blue Lias Gallery in Lyme Regis and Sherborne, Martock Gallery, 303 Gallery and First View Gallery at Stourhead.

Q. What would be your idea of a perfect day?

A. A Summer’s day out with my family….maybe down at the coast.

Q. What five words would you use to describe yourself?

A. Happy, creative, eccentric, sensitive, sociable

Q. What would your friends say about you?

A. I don’t know, I hope they would say good stuff!

Q. What is your best attribute?

A. I’m a good listener!

Q. Finally, tell us about your favourite painting & why you love it?

A. There have been many paintings that I have loved creating.  My customers have such great ideas for paintings which helps me a lot!   I remember painting a beautiful image as a surprise wedding present.  They were getting married at River Cottage.  So I painted the main cottage with all of the aspects of the wedding going on around it, the hog roast, tea and cake, the jazz band and welly wanging!  I guess it was a very special gift to commemorate a special day.  There are loads of paintings that I have loved and it is always sad saying goodbye to them.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today.

Rebecca Stidson

Click HERE to find out more about Becky’s work.

Until the next time friends, have a great day!

Lizzie xo

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  1. I love Becky’s work….she is so talented! Well done Lizzie for promoting it! 🙂

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