Take a Moment – The Monet Effect

Hey friends,

monet effect

The Monet effect…

Do you look at others and think they have it all sorted?

Do you wish you were cool, calm and collected 100% of the time? Just like the people you see on social media with the flawless blog and with the creative and well behaved kids?

Do you ever look at someone and think ‘they have it all’?

I was looking out of my bedroom window and it hit me, the Monet effect.

Let me explain.

I’m fortunate enough to live with a beautiful and far reaching countryside view.  Somerset has beautiful rolling hills and is the essence of English country living.  I have a blissful view, that’s for sure!

As I looked out of my window I glanced down at our hedge.  Our neighbour had cut their side of the hedge making our side look straggly, unsightly and *gasp* unmaintained.  I was slightly mortified that I’d let the side down.  Perfectionism really does suck sometimes friends.  Because you see before my neighbour had cut his side of the hedge it wasn’t even a problem.  There was nothing wrong with my hedge.  Someone made a move that threw my perspective out of whack.

Then I looked at the hills in the distance and thought how beautiful the view is.

I was gently reminded of a film I watched over and over again with my sister Rosie called ‘Clueless’.  I knew that film inside out (we both do) this quote from it came to mind…

Tai : ‘What’s a Monet?’

Cher: ‘It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.’

Not wanting to say Monet paintings are a big mess, no disrespect intended I love Monet.  Monet is one of my favourite painters. But using the point that up close IN REALITY, maybe we would see that the view is not as perfect as we might believe.

There might be litter, weeds, bugs and such and things that you can only see up close.  Sometimes things aren’t what they seem from a distance.

Everyone has flaws, everyone has issues, that’s a fact.

Next time I think someone else has it far better than me,  I’m going to think of The Monet Effect.  It’s good to be thankful for all we already have.



Lizzie XO


5 thoughts on “Take a Moment – The Monet Effect”

  1. What a great post – and never a truer word spoken. We live in Somerset and I feel a very similar way. We are probably the messiest house in our close (there are only 4 houses) but having said that our house is not THAT messy!! Although, somehow I feel like we are letting the side down. Completely agree on the Monet saying. Whereabouts in Somerset are you? BTW, got your email and will get back to you this week. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  2. It’s so true that when we only see the bits of someone’s lives that they want us to see, their lives look flawless, their days filled with creativity, kids that help without moaning and don’t argue, ever. But in reality they are probably just as stressed as you are and let their kids eat too many biscuits and watch too much TV just like you, well me anyway 😉
    I also adore Monet and the film Clueless 😀 #PoCoLo

  3. It’s amazing the showreel lives some people have. I’m one of these transparent people that can’t be that way. If I’m exhausted I can’t hide it, it shows on my face anyway even if I did want to hide it. Truth – my kids will grow up on crisps & yogurt. Thanks so much for your comment! Will check out your blog

  4. Hi Victoria, thanks so much for commenting! I’m in Yeovil & I love Somerset. I’m sure you’re not letting anyone down, it’s a lie we tell ourselves, somehow that guilt is built in & for me I fight against it sometimes daily as it robs our joy. Like the post said everything looks rosey from a distance & everyone has their flaws & hang up’s. Thanks for hosting the link, will enjoy linking up again

  5. This just popped up on my Facebook and it really rang true! My house usually looks tidy, but if anyone really looks closely they’ll find drawers over following and a utility room fit to burst with hidden mess!

    The seasonal example to Monet is obviously Christmas trees. Up close, the decorations can look too close together etc. but step back and it all kind of comes together! Xx

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