Take a Moment – A Note to My Teenage Self


Your EYES are for looking, seeing, understanding & keeping dust out of your brain.  Your eyes are perfect.

Your EARS are for hearing, listening, keeping you balanced, they help you to understand & keep bugs out of your brain.  Your ears are perfect.

Yours NOSE is for smelling, breathing & helping you taste.  Your nose is perfect.

Your MOUTH is for tasting, speaking, smiling, eating, kissing, swallowing, breathing & keeping bugs out of your insides! Your teeth need somewhere to live.  Your mouth, lips, everything about it….it’s perfect.

Stop stressing about you look like (& about dust n’ bugs girl), comparing yourself to her over there, or that celebrity in the magazine or on the television.  I’ve got a revelation for ya, her eyes also keep dust out of her brain!!!  Everything God placed on your face is PERFECT, just as He wanted it.

 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” PSALM 39:14

fearfully made stars

With love XO



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