Take A Moment – Why the Wait?

The days are going, & they’re going fast! Faster than I thought they would & then some.  When I think about how fast the years have gone I start washing (& feeling guilty!).

Wishing I hadn’t wasted so many days at home with the kids instead of getting out, wishing we’d enjoyed our days so much more; although it was more about extreme tiredness & a mind that didn’t seem to want to work that set that season in motion.

Also, I didn’t want to go out having loads of fun with the kids without my husband! A husband that works full time 8am-6pm in our Garage. Why should he miss out on all of the great family times? A lot of waiting (so much waiting) until the weekend to do things. A lot of weekends spent doing the thing that need doing like laundry & odd jobs! Because let’s face it the week doesn’t go well with a pile of laundry that needs doing!

So the cycle continues of not getting out with the kids. It’s a bit sad really the things we put in our way to really savour & enjoy life. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes doesn’t it?

When we did do the things we so enjoyed it! It seemed too hard to sustain doing it all the time.  So those times became super special.  But we have so much great stuff in Somerset, I think organisation, planning & research is key!

I only have 4 months until my eldest starts School. I want to cherish this time with him & my little while we still have time. Life is about to change forever.

So I’m not going to wait or worry about how much the days out will cost, I’m just going to go out with the kids. To the parks, to the seaside, to the museums, because the time is going (fast) & the kids won’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Take A Moment – Why the Wait?”

  1. Definitiley just get out and enjoy the time together. I recall the summer before all my kids went to school and it was fabulous, so many park picnics. Mich x

  2. Lots of picnics, chalk drawing on the pavement, walking in grass with no shoes on! I just want to cherish & hold on to this time together. I also want to document it because the time is going so quickly. Thanks for reading! XO

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