Tasting menu at Ston Easton Park

This week I was invited to try the tasting menu at Ston Easton Park a luxury hotel near Bristol.  How could a girl refuse a lovely invitation like that?

starter 1

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, and of course I couldn’t refuse such a lovely offer.

I invited my friend Sam Mackenzie-Green, the organiser of the Yeovil Show coming to Yeovil Showground on 16th & 17th July, to accompany me for lunch and to catch up now the show is so close.  Ston Easton Park are proud sponsors of the Yeovil Show and it was a great opportunity to see the type of quality businesses that are associating themselves with it.

me and sam

As soon as I saw the great house I knew we were in for a treat.  It was raining on arrival so I didn’t get a photograph of the outside.  If you go to the Ston Easton Park website to get an idea of the type of ambience we enjoyed, I think you will see why it was a wonderful setting for lunch and lovely conversation.

We went on a quiet Wednesday lunchtime and I was so happy to have the opportunity to sit and talk with Sam and taste such wonderful food in a lovely setting. 

lillies full lilly

lilies and bust

I love lilies they’re one of my favourite flowers and I have them a lot in our home.  The arrangement here was stunning! I love how the florist has placed leaves around the inside of the vase.  The flowers are cut from Ston Easton’s own Victorial Kitchen Garden.

The whole place was so sumptuous while not being overstated at all.  Really comfortable and calm and the staff were friendly and courteous.

starter 2 scallop duck


me and scallop

Our 5-course tasting menu consisted of gazpacho, scallop with crispy bacon and pea puree for me, duck for Sam, sorbets to cleanse our palets and a really wicked chocolate pudding with tiny meringues and raspberries.  I can tell you, it was all delicious and as you can see each plate was a work of art.

pud above pud side pud close up

The Victorian Kitchen Garden supplies almost 60% of the kitchen’s fresh produce and the pea puree was made with peas from the garden.

It was so great to chat with Sam about how everything is coming together for the Yeovil Show and that so many local trades, businesses and producers are supporting it, I am so excited to be Family Brand Ambassador and part of something that will benefit our town so greatly.

We both agreed the food at Ston Easton Park was top notch and thought how nice it would be if all of our meetings could be taken over lunch in this way.  If only!

On the way out we met the resident dog Oscar who is a very friendly dog and he didn’t mind us being in his home at all.

With thanks to the wonderful staff at Ston Easton Park and of course, compliments to the Head Chef.  We had a lovely time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Lizzie xo


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