Thankful, but

Hi friends,

I hope you’re having a great week!

I know the title looks unfinished but it’s on purpose. ‘But’ is the silent word in this case, that always seems to be there after the word ‘thankful. I can only talk about myself & my situation, but I struggle sometimes with being thankful.

I read a post by one of our leaders at Church who wrote about being thankful in our social media updates. Negative updates have a way of really bringing people down & I try (& sometimes fail) to write positive status updates, so this post really resonated with me.

You know me friends, I’m all for being positive, but it got me thinking about being thankful & how truly thankful I am for what I have & my situation.

Whenever I start saying ‘I’m so thankful for my house’ I say in my head, ‘but it will be even better when…we get the bathroom done’, or…’we get a patio in our garden, THEN it’ll be really amazing’.

I’m the same with the kiddos! ‘I’m so thankful for my sweet children’ ‘but it’ll be so much easier when they’re older, can walk, can talk, sleep through the night, go to school’.

My goodness, I have to wonder with my seemingly inexhaustible list of ‘but’s’ am I truly thankful??

The bible says be thankful for things just as they are, that includes in times of trouble. When you’re unwell or plain dog tired, being thankful is tough! No, ifs, buts or maybes about it! Am I thankful? I’m working on it, seriously.

I have to conclude that being thankful & being content are one & the same! I’m also thinking that He calls me to not complain (which is a hobby of mine). Are they all tied up together?

I’m not theologically minded, but I know when things make sense. When we’re content with our lives just as they are, with all of life’s up’s & down’s, surely we are more open to being thankful?! Is the silent ‘but’ actually a complaint?

I don’t have the answers, I’m just talking out loud. Let me know what you think.

‘Today I’m thankful for…….,’ shouldn’t have a silent ‘but’ after it, just as an apology with a ‘but’ at the end isn’t really an apology!!!

For me, I’m going to practice being content, & thanking God for my situation even when I want to say ‘but’. I’m asking Him to prompt me to say ‘thanks’ instead.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Thankful, but”

  1. I totally know what you mean – i have a silent ‘but’ all the time. I even have a not so silent one for the apologies too! Definitely something for me to work on. Thanks for the reminder. x

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