The Benefits of Music Lessons in Schools

Music lessons are hugely popular in schools across the country for a number of reasons. Not only do they expose children to the various genres in the music world, but it allows them to develop a host of transferable skills useful in multiple subjects. In this guide from an independent kindergarten in New York, we take a look at the biggest benefits music lessons have for students of all ages.

Music actually teaches students about maths

You may not think so at first, but it’s actually hugely beneficial for maths students. Children are learning about the rhythm, notes and tempo of music, which can be translated into maths in the form of fractions and understanding ratios. Think of it as a more creative way of implementing a maths lesson into your day.

Music opens a child’s mind to possibilities

Understanding how many genres, artists and music forms that are out there in the world gives your child an immense sense of wonder and how impressive the world of music truly is. It ignites a person’s creative side and allows them to explore areas they may not have even experienced before.

It improves a child’s self-esteem

Learning an instrument isn’t easy, so having a child practice regularly and feel empowered by the progress they make will give them a big confidence boost. If they’ve been selected to work on an upcoming school concert for example, it can make them feel really positive about their progress and what they think they’ll achieve in the coming months or years.

It can be a developed passion

Music or learning an instrument can unlock a child’s passion, where they want to explore the subject area further, advance into career prospects or simply develop a hobby. It’s a great way for a child to make friends and improve their social skills as well as being a hugely accessible hobby for many people.

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