The Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

Learning outdoors is becoming a more effective way for children to absorb information, handle different circumstances and engage with the open world. Outdoor learning is hugely beneficial for children in a number of ways, which this guide from a private school in Hammersmith will explain. 

It has become the new norm for a lot of students in schools to learn through the great outdoors; let’s explore the key benefits of learning outside compared to the traditional classroom methods.

Boosts a child’s wellbeing

Children are connecting with the great outdoors, taking in fresh air as they learn and discovering how great the world around us truly is. Understanding our own mental health often comes from the connection we have with nature and seeing how the world works around us.

Improves children’s personal development

When involved in an outdoor lesson, children tend to work in groups to complete tasks together. This improves their emotional and behavioural development by using their own creativity, problem solving and decision making skills. It also allows children to remain more focused within the standard classroom.

It connects children to nature

When a lot of a child’s life is more subject to technology, mobile phones and TV, it can be hard to see where nature fits into their education. Giving them plenty of opportunities to do so will ensure that they can be connected to nature and that they’re getting plenty of outdoor space to see nature in action. It’s a great talking point in science-related lessons and for opening up a child’s creative side.

Children are more likely to pick up physical exercise

Running around or walking when doing an outdoor lesson raises a child’s endorphins, meaning they feel happier and more energetic when they’re working hard and are more likely to complete a task. Additionally, they have the time to practice their time management skills by thinking quick on their feet and working well within a team.

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