The changing face of children’s dentistry with Dr.Mykhalus of Happy Kids Dental and Honest Mum

It’s no secret that the way to a happy smile is to look after your teeth. Keeping teeth healthy by limiting sweets, sugary drinks and snacks + brush your teeth twice a day. Right? I know this, I’ve got it in the bag. Well…maybe not.

Happy Kids Dental in Chelsea

I went along to the open day for bloggers at new children’s practice Happy Kids Dental in Chelsea thinking I’d love the decor and not learn anything I didn’t already know. I was wrong.

The kids came with me too, and we learnt so much about the changing face of children dentists with expert Dr. Mykhalus of Happy Kids Dental and Honest Mum. I now have a renewed eagerness to be more mindful about our oral health care as a family.

Better Knowledge about Kids Oral Health

I was shocked at my own lack of understanding and knowledge about teeth, and how to nurture a lifelong habit of healthy oral care. The event was run in line with World Oral Health Day purposefully to explain how crucial it is to look after your kids teeth from babyhood upwards.

Furthermore, things I didn’t know included: tooth decay is fully preventable, FULLY preventable. Also, the need for braces in your teens can be fully prevented by investing in assessments that unfortunately the NHS simply don’t have the time to provide.

Also, Happy Kids Dental pride themselves on making trips to the dentist fun. They’re a top children’s dentist in London and enjoy a 5* rating from their customers. The reason for their popularity is their unique approach to children’s oral hygiene. Not only are all of the treatment rooms equipped with the latest generation of dental technology, but the waiting rooms are set up to entertain inquisitive minds, so that young patients can have fun while they’re waiting.

Expert advice from Dr. Mykhalus

Dr. Roksalana Mykhalus, co-owner of Happy Kids Dental, is a 2nd generation dentist, along with her brother focussing on children’s dentistry is a dream come true for them. They’re passionate about teaching how simple it is to look after our kids teeth which should last them a lifetime.

Firstly Dr. Mykhalus was keen to point out that milk/baby teeth shouldn’t really be called that. It lulls parents in to a false sense of security that these early teeth don’t matter. We’re duped to think adult teeth are the teeth to look after. Lack of education and knowledge means we are setting our kids on a road to bad oral health without realising it. Our milk/baby teeth are close personal neighbours to the adult teeth and are just as important.

Dr Mykhalus went on to tell us…

“There are a couple of things that are impossible to change. Genetics, because the composition of enamel it’s genetically predisposition. Also, saliva. How many minerals in the saliva, you can’t change that. And anatomy of the tooth, the deeper the grooves the more difficulty to brush. This is the fact that unfortunately cannot be changed. However, there are factors that can be changed quite easily. Diet and sugar intake is something as a parent you can control most of the time. Also, prevention by brushing your teeth properly for two minutes twice a day”.

Dr Mykhalus – Happy Kids Dental

Simple changes make a big difference

Things we can do as parents that are simple but effective:

  • Brush teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, set a timer if this helps, don’t just guess as you will get it wrong like I did!
  • Flossing, is essential and something we don’t really embrace as a countrywide habit in the UK.
  • When flossing make sure to floss FIRST and then brush the debris away.
  • Don’t wet the toothbrush, the flouride in toothpaste should stay on the teeth so no need to rinse either, just spit and go.

Vicki from Honest Mum also reiterated the importance of brushing for two minutes, which honestly seems a long time when you’re brushing your teeth!

“Two minutes seems a lot longer than it actually is, use a timer on your phone or use an app to help you. And floss! as a nation we don’t do it (flossing) and in America it’s normal, which is why they all have that wide bright smile”.

Vicki Psarias Honest Mum

Dr. Mykhalus also went on to advise helping children with brushing their teeth until they can tie their shoelaces. I’d stopped helping my children to brush their teeth, and after the day at Happy Kids Dental I’ve started assisting them again and making sure they’re doing it properly. Later that day we had a tour of the facility and were amazed at the level of attention to the care of children. Including teeth brushing stations. Kids are definitely the customers here!

Taking stigma out of dentistry

Taking the stigma and fear out of dentistry, from the stairway up to the reception area, Happy Kids Dental is a kids paradise. Floor to ceiling cartoons depicting an under the sea theme, coming into the waiting room (which has just hit me was a waiting room) was so colourful, with a play boat and slide, touch screens and big windows and high ceilings. Based in the heart of Chelsea, at 18 Cadogan Gardens. With another practice in Marylebone.

You could see immediately why kids would enjoy coming here (have you ever ENJOYED the dentist?) Every detail is about making dentistry as fun, engaging and educating for kids.

Lastly, I only wish I had a practice like this near us, because 2.5 hours is a long way to go to the dentist, however, there are people who travel that far to go to Happy Kids Dental and its clear to see why.

Thank you to Happy Kids Dental for the informative and fun day in Chelsea, and for the gift bags which included information about correct brushing techniques and an electric toothbrush.

If you’d like to find out more and join in with the #lovetobrush competition check out the Happy Kids Dental website for more details.

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