The English Summer

Well we’re slap bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays here in the UK, which means all the kids are off, nothing is in routine & everywhere is hugely busy, especially the beach & soft play!

The sun is shining today so we hot-tailed it to the park, looked at the ducks & met a friend for coffee. My boy loved the ducks.

Thoughtful reflection of the day as I rack my little brain of things to be joyful about is my beautiful blanket made from a sari. I LOVE my blanket, it’s soft, beautifully made & sooo colourful. It really adds to my home. Not only does it look beautiful on my sofa, but it’s been hand made by a girl in India who has turned her life around helped by the organisation Sari Bari who pluck girls out of the sex trade & teach them to sew. Check out Sari Bari to get your very own, totally unique & in line with God’s heart blanket! (Or bag, or scarf…you get the picture.

Have a great day
Lizzie x


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