The List -v- The Actual

Hi friends,

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time as I think those without really young children just don’t know or have maybe forgotten (Mum?!) how tricky & logistically exhausting getting ‘out of the door’ is.  Add in actually needing to be somewhere at a particular time, & well meltdowns have been known.

So I thought I’d write a list to demonstrate just how hard it is to leave with both children neat, tidy (with teeth brushed), bags packed & of course let’s not forget I need everything organised for myself aswell!

So here is a typical list of things to do before leaving the house:

The List

– Get up

– Have a cup of tea & a digestive biscuit (mandatory)

– Change SB nappy

– Get SB dressed

– Get SH dressed

– Get in the shower

– Dry hair/make up/straighten hair

– Get self dressed

– Breakfast

– Brush teeth

– Pack bags (to include snacks, drink, change of clothes, nappies & wipes (+just add purse & phone for mama)).

– Put on shoes

– Grab keys

– Leave house

Here is where I insert insane laughter.  Because it sounds so simple!

The Actual:

– Wake up to SH either a. already in SB’s room, b. under our bed, c. downstairs terrorising the cat

– Have a cup of tea & a digestive biscuit (mandatory & solely sponsored by husband & without which one can’t possibly face the day).

– Catch SB/get her down from windowsill, Change SB nappy (husband)

– Catch SB/ pin her down Get SB dressed (husband)

– Run around after SH who is shouting ‘I need a weeeee’ Get SH dressed (me)

– Get in the shower (peace interspersed with some kind of noise from downstairs).

– Dry hair/make up/straighten hair (in 15 minutes flat, my hair is now straight but frizzy!).

– Choose outfit, realise what you need is in the ironing pile, grab anything get self dressed

– Breakfast (husband) because why eat together can you can have 15 minutes by yourself! Genius.

– Brush teeth while children spit toothpaste spittle down their newly put on clothes & bite the toothbrush so it can’t move.  Yes we will learn one day to do teeth FIRST!

– Pack bags ; to include snacks, drink, change of clothes, nappies & wipes (+just add purse & phone for mama)). nb.

– Catch each child, hunt round the house for ONE SHOE! Put on shoes

– Hunt for keys, you were sure you put them back in the drawer! Find keys on the bookcase.

– Realise the kids have taken off their shoes, hunt for shoes again.

– Leave house & strap children in car (after a driveway runaround).

– Go back for bags because SB is so heavy you can no longer carry both her & bags.

– Go back into the house again because you’ve forgotten PHONE/PURSE/DRINK/DUMMY/SUNHAT/SUNCREAM/REINS/WOOLY HAT/WELLIES/LIPBALM/DRIVING GLASSES/TESCO VOUCHER/THE OTHER SHOE delete as appropriate & depending on time of year.*

Please note I always forget to brush their hair, it’s so low on priorities it doesn’t even make The List.

Lizzie XO



nb this is much less than I used to pack when the children were really small!  Bless you Mama’s with babies.

*we are now late for preschool, as always.


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8 thoughts on “The List -v- The Actual”

  1. Our first trip out with our son as a baby took 4 hours in preparation! We were always the late family at playgroup too. No matter what I do we are late. Either we get up earlier and I think we have loads of time so spend ages dawdling or we rush around and are totally disorganised! xx

  2. Brilliant!! I was nodding along in agreement with every point in the Actual list because that’s totally what happens to us every morning too. When I was working in an office, I used to feel as though I had done a days work before I’d even arrived at my desk, and I was ALWAYS late!! xx

  3. I didn’t go back to work after having SH but I can imagine how hard it would be to get everything sorted & be ready to work a day at the office! XO

  4. Hell yeah! I am so glad this isn’t just me! I only have one little darling but wow it is always such a struggle! Fab post lovely. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

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