The Natural History Museum

Hey friends,

Over the summer holidays we had the best trip to London to visit the London National History Museum and the London Eye.

Our main aim was to visit the National History Museum as SH loves dinosaurs and we’ve been wanting to take him for ages, so we thought we’d share our review of the museum with you.

We drove to London and parked around the corner from the Natural History Museum.  The NCP car park was so expensive, but we are used to country town living.

Outside the NHM

Walking round to the museum was easy enough.  The actual building is worth a visit to see the exterior, which in itself is absolutely breathtaking.  We admired the architecture and enjoyed looking at the intricate work on the columns.  We loved being in the big city, the smells, the people, the noise.

Entrance NHM

We queued but it didn’t seem to take long before we were in.  With a building like this to look at it wasnt a chore to queue up.  It was what I call busy busy though and I’d imagine if you were to visit in term time it wouldn’t be quite so hectic.  I liked all the people, coming from a small town it made a nice change to be amongst the buzz for a change.

There is no charge to enter the museum but there are chargeable exhibitions within the Natural History Museum and you are encouraged to donate.  We decided since it was our first trip to just take in the free bits and get some experience of being there.  There was more than enough to see, and we bought the £5 kids activity book as the money goes back into the museum.

Foyer NHM

We seemed to queue longer to check the buggy in than queue to get into the museum. I think one person to check in pushchairs and one to check them out again would be better than one person doing it all.

We went straight for lunch and really enjoyed the food, we’d already decided which restaurant we wanted on the website so found the map and located The Restaurant.  I’m glad we went there, the restaurant we chose was really well organised and efficient, we enjoyed eating there with young children.  For some reason Chicken Ceasar Salad and London go hand in hand in my mind so I had that and it was delicious!DINOSAUR PIC

The huge dinosaur in the foyer is a sight to see.  I couldn’t fit the whole thing in one photo.  I’m so glad we got to see it before it’s replaced, hopefully we’ll go again and see the whale too.

SH loved the big dinosaurs that made noises and you could touch.  He wasn’t at all scared, he was just the right age for it I think at 4 nearly 5.  We saw big feet and lots of bones, SH was mesmerised, SB was just hot in the sling but I think she loved it too, it’s hard to tell she is only 2 and always happy.

nhm collage LS

I’m so glad we didn’t take the buggy around the museum even though we were boiling hot, I think we would have struggled with it especially with the roped off queueing around the dinosaur to get to the exhibition and the sheer amount of people.

I know it’s a charity, but I think air conditioning would be an outlay worth investing in, it was really hot in there and I was sweating with SB strapped to me, although I’m still glad we used the sling for ease of getting around.


We loved catching up with my blogging friend Becca and her two wonderful children E and R, we got an ice cream outside the museum to cool down and make our time together last a little longer.  The kids got on really well, and it made the day extra special to share it with them.

Outside people NHM

We loved the whole experience of being at the Natural History Museum and will definitely be returning!

Jon and SH finished off by taking the elevator through a huge planet, as you do.


Have you been to the Natural History Museum? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too.

Lizzie xo




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