The Ultimate Bucket List

Hey friends,

The very lovely Aby from You Baby Me Mummy has tagged me in her post Time to Dream – The Ultimate Bucket List.

I love to dream & as a child I used to get caught staring of the window at school day-dreaming, oops! So this is right up my street.

The idea is this: If money, children, jobs, mortgages, you get the idea, wasn’t an issue..What would be your ultimate bucket list?

  1. Take Jon to a Formula 1 race & treat him to hospitality
  2. Have my nails done at a nail bar with bubbles & friends
  3. Holiday of a lifetime to Beaches Resort
  4. Go back to Centre Parcs & ride our bikes
  5. Take the kids to Disney World
  6. Visit Canada to see friends & family & see where Anne of Green Gables was filmed
  7. Have a holiday home in Cornwall by the sea
  8. Fly first class to Australia
  9. Have afternoon tea with my Mum & sister at The Goring
  10. Hire a cleaner
  11. Go shopping with Davina McCall (maybe with a spot of lunch?)
  12. Sip hot chocolate at Christmas in Serendipity New York
  13. See my children settled happily into a great school
  14. Read to & pray with my children every night
  15. Decorate my home in reclaimed gorgeous bits & bobs so it looks fabulous
  16. Be a blogger (or whatever opportunity comes out of it) as my job
  17. See my family & friends come to faith & go to Church together
  18. To be consistent in feeling on top of things
  19. Have a personal shopping day at Selfridges London
  20. Go to LeMans 24 hours as a family
  21. Go on a Mission
  22. To be a voice for women & girls trafficked into the sex trade
  23. To have a lovely English garden with no road noise
  24. Snorkle/body board with my kids
  25. Be anxiety free (calm & balanced all the time)
  26. Attend a brand launch party in London
  27. Take SH to the Natural History Museum
  28. Take SB to a ballet
  29. To see the kids grow into well rounded, happy, confident, well liked & kind people
  30. Write a children’s story
  31. To get fit & have Kelly Brook’s body (I’m pretty sure she stole mine)
  32. Support companies & brands that uphold sustainability & good work ethics
  33. Use my voice to help others
  34. Go with the flow
  35. Stay at the Watergate Bay Hotel & Spa
  36. Sip prosecco in Italy with friends
  37. Read a whole book cover to cover in one sitting (whilst sat in the snug at the WBH? See No 35)
  38. Picnic with my family & music in a big park in London
  39. Go back to Glastobury Festival (maybe as a blogger!?)
  40. Do a Vlog
  41. Have a stress free meal out with my little family (no tantrums/bolting for the door)
  42. Make my Mum & Dad proud
  43. Have my kids think I’m a good Mum & call me blessed (Proverbs 31:28)
  44. Be mates with Jamie Oliver, Kirstie Allsopp, Davina McCall & Holly Willoughby
  45. Work with Beulah London
  46. Be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  47. Move to a beautiful house in the country (Somerset of course!) with a hallway big enough for a Christmas tree & outbuildings for hubby
  48. Have a lovely pub within walking distance
  49. See my daughter married in a beautiful church
  50. Renew our vows & wear a designer wedding gown with a great photographer to mark the day
  51. Write for the Huffington Post
  52. Read my bible everyday & memorise amazing verses (dreadful memory)
  53. Remember to give Jesus all the Honour everyday (possibly links with no 52)
  54. Be grateful for our everyday
  55. Be known for being loved & that I loved in return

So there’s my Ultimate Bucket List! I’m pretty sure I could go on & on including walk in heels again without looking like an idiot, learning how to use my iMac properly & yearning for the day door to door salesman are banned from knocking on your door!

I’m going to link up to Mummy’s & Monkey’s & The List #39.

I tag:

Karen at 365 Pearls of Wisdom

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Have fun with it ladies, it’s so nice to dream.

What would your Ultimate Bucket List look like?

The List
The Ultimate Bucket List

Lizzie xo

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bucket List”

  1. Oh wow! I LOVE your list! So many amazing things, I am pretty sure Elle McPherson stole my body, so quite possible that Kelly Brook stole yours! Such a wonderful array of amazing things hun. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList xx

  2. It is good to dream and have hopes for the future but the danger is that we become discontent with who we are and what we have! I am glad you have number 54 there as I think that is one of the most important ones! ( I agree with the door to door salesmen one btw!!!)

  3. Absolutely Julie totally agree with you. Every one of these dreams has a reason behind them, for example I want to live in the countryside with land because we (me & my cousins) ran free range around my grandparents farm & I want the same for my kids. The first class flight is because I get so exhausted that I don’t think I would go again unless I could lie down & sleep properly (business would be just as good!). The reason I want to renew my vows is because we’ve been through a lot as a couple & I want to re-affirm my love & commitment to Jon & also our photographer was really not good, he just didn’t capture any of the little nuances that make a wedding special. I could go on & on, but even if one of these dreams came true (or even if they don’t) I will be so content with my situation. XO

  4. Can’t wait to see them! For the record I’m not a fan of the term bucket list (as in you have to do it before you die or you haven’t lived a life worth living). I see these as simply dreams, dreams that may or may not come true, in fact probably not. My biggest hope in life is that my children grow up well adjusted & happy. That’s my dream xx

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