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Easing loneliness for freelancers: it’s a big topic. Working for yourself, often by yourself can be a very lonely place. I recently learned some useful tips to ease loneliness on a press trip to London.

A press trip took me to Epson’s pop up shop in Covent Garden, where I would learn more about how Epson are trying to help freelancers in a very special way with their NEW Epson EcoTank. Plus, Covent Garden is my fave part of London, so how could I say ‘no’?! Finally a chance to don a dress and put on some lippy!  I copywrite in my office at home in casual clobber.  On my tod most of the time. Billy No-Mates.

It might seem like we bloggers go from one glam event to another.  The truth is the school run is my consistent routine and tapping away on my iMac is about as glamorous as it gets, on a normal day. Of course, we rarely talk about the mundane on our blogs, only the exciting things.

Events are exciting, filled with anticipation of the product launching.  They’re mega fun to attend. And so interesting.  Hearing the story behind the brand or product has always been my jam. Hanging out with like-minded bloggers and influencers in real life.  100 percent in.

This wasn’t a normal day – by a long shot, and I’m truly grateful to Epson for hosting us all. What an opportunity to catch up, re-calibrate friendships, often stretched across the country (and the world).

Epson hosted a day for bloggers, influencers and other freelancers at their pop up shop in Covent Garden, where they raised big issues and how they’re helping, such as awareness of loneliness (and other issues affected by freelancers too).

Freelancers could work from the pop-up shop and print for FREE.  Unreal out of this world kindness. It was a chance to see the outside world and connect with others in a similar boat. I’m mindful that not everyone gets days out like this.  Epson aren’t afraid to tackle big issues head on. I’m full of respect for that.

I felt grateful.

There was a special guest speaker for the event: mega-babe and phenomenal blogger/vlogger Vicki Psarias-Broadbent aka Honest Mum, who spoke out about the issues surrounding remote working.

It can be awesome.  The perks can be amazing.

It can also be lonely.

Blogger and founder of Honest Mum, Vicki Psarias spends the day in an Epson EcoTank Perspex box installation to illustrate the loneliness and isolation felt by lone workers, in Covent Garden, London. For further details contact

Set up for the day in a glass cube office, Vicki, along with printer giant Epson, wanted to shine a light on this issue. Vicki said:

[pullquote width=”575″ float=”center”]”Epson’s recent research has found that a huge proportion of freelancers find their work lonely. Worryingly, about one in four (25%) experience depression and a fifth (21%) of the surveyed freelancers claimed they’d had suicidal thoughts as a result of isolated working conditions.”[/pullquote]

This is a worrying statistic indeed.

A lot of mums need to work freelance to enable flexible working.  With huge responsibilities as it is, supporting freelancers by offering pop-up spaces to work is key in supporting them.

For me, starting blogging was the start of finding myself again.  But I was frustrated too. Unable to get out much as a stay-at-home mum of two, meant whole days went by without seeing an adult.

Suffering with SAD too, means lots of remote workers don’t feel able to drag themselves to a busy, crowded, noisy cafe to work.

Vicki’s freelancer tips were invaluable on the day and her speech empowering and inspiring. The tips written down on Honest Mum are an important resource too.  I loved Vicki’s tip about meeting people in real life; So key.

Plus, learning about the NEW Epson EcoTank was interesting.  I was surprised how far back the brand goes, from their humble start in Japan.  And how much Epson’s values matched my own, being the giant household name they are now.

Epson’s NEW EcoTank has many benefits that delighted me as a blogger:

  • Epson EcoTank makes it easy for users to work from home by replacing cartridges with ink bottles. Even if you’ve stocked up on cartridges, it still takes time to replace a cartridge and can be quite messy. If you have a busy schedule, Epson’s EcoTank is an easy solution as it has an ultra-high-capacity ink tank system, which holds the equivalent of 94 cartridges worth of ink and can save you an average of 90% on the cost of ink.
  • EcoTanks are ideal for families. Any parent will tell you that children come with a huge amount of admin, with homework printouts, timetables and forms. EcoTank printers are reliable, great for the environment and helps to reduce the worry of running out of ink so that you can focus on what really matters.
  • EcoTank 2650 (recommended retail price £230) – with print, copy and scan features, provides a great choice for busy households. Being a fuss-free printer, it only takes three easy steps to set it up. It also features an LCD screen and SD card slot, making it easy to control without a PC. It connects to the Wi-Fi meaning you can send documents to print from smartphones and tablets and you can even email files from anywhere to have them printed.

Fuss free? I’m in. Sold.  Sign me up!

Lovin’ the eco side too.  It’s so important to do our bit for the environment.  With Eco-Tank we can minimise our impact with the ink tank system. And being more organised as a mum is a bonus too!

Inspired by the day in London, I asked a local business I love if I could work from their office one or two days a week. Kindly, they said yes! I’m writing this post from there now.

Thank goodness for people who understand.

For more info on the super duper Eco Tank printer and other products including home cinema projectors visit the website.

Do you have any great tips to ease loneliness that you can share? Let me know in the comments!

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Working as a freelancer can be a lonely place. Here are some ideas I picked up on how to ease that loneliness #freelancing #workathome


Disclosure: this post is in collaboration with Epson.

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