Umming & Ahing over BritMum’s Live

Hey friends,

If you’re a blogger you may or may not have attended a Blog Conference.  There are loads to choose from depending on what niche your blog falls into.

I’ve been umming & ahing since I started blogging about attending BritMum’s Live in London.  Here are the reasons:


I’m not sure I’m a Mummy Blogger.  I do sometimes post about my children, you’re more likely to see them on Instagram than on my blog though.  The more I’ve been blogging the less I feel I want to share every little thing about their lives; their tantrums, the bad days, what they say & do.  It’s an online safety thing & also it’s a ‘they didn’t ask to have their whole life published’ thing.

Confidence.  I’m a confident person in my own life, my own setting, with my kids & in the safety net of my environment, my town & County.  However, I get so nervous at even the thought of attending something so huge that my confidence starts to waiver, there will be SO many people (& it is huge!).  My stress levels go massively up in crowds (possibly an introvert thing?!)

Going to London on my own holds so many unknowns that it would be massive, (like how many Kalms will I need & how many is too many!) to go to an event where I have no idea what to do, where to stand, how to think or feel!? Oh my, that is overwhelming (& my procrastinating head is now firmly on even thinking about it btw).

– Comparison. The amazing people that will be there.  I’m a big fan of not comparing lives, for the most part I’m really happy with who I am, my self worth, my individuality, my identity.  But there’s something about a massive conference that brings a fear up in me, what if my identity is compromised?  What if someone (attending, speaking or celebrity-fying) is so wonderfully wonderful that I end up either a. lost for words & looking like an idiot;  b. not having the guts to speak to said person;  c. wanting to be more like so & so over there.  That would be abit crap! See how a procrastinators head works now don’t ya!

– Leaving the kids for a whole weekend.  There are times when a whole weekend seems like total bliss to me.  But then I have to think of the flip side? A missed weekend with my family.  Leaving hubby to do all the work by himself, I’m not sure I’d be able to relax (but maybe if I had a gin in my hand….?!)

– The cost.  Not just financial which is something to be considered, but the cost to me & my time away.  The knock on effect into the next week (tiredness=crankiness!) I’d love to have a sponsor for BritMum’s but my blog is quite simply minuscule in the whole blogging sliding scale.  Yes, yes I know I think too much.


So onto the possibilities!

– Meeting people! I love people, all sorts of people from all walks of life.  I love listening to stories, hearing successes, talking, listening; seeing people laughing, joking makes me feel so happy.

– Capturing some wisdom… from people who are totally brilliant & inspirational!  The workshops would be totally amazing & would practically help me to come home fired up to put my dreams into action & make this blog so much better.  There is the possibility of making some really good friends too! I love gathering inspiration from other bloggers & work so much better on a one-to-one basis.

– Meeting my online friends! That would be awesome!

– Meeting celebrities! (see how it goes both ways? The hope is also the fear).

– The opportunity to just ‘be me’ for a couple of days.  No kids to look after, just me & a normal sized normal handbag.

– A weekend away on my own…in a hotel…with gin….with other individuals being individual.

So there are my reasons for umping & ahing about Brit Mum’s Live so far.  There’s always next year, right?!

Lizzie XO


10 thoughts on “Umming & Ahing over BritMum’s Live”

  1. So, are you going? We’ve just found out we are! Would be great to have you there and you’ll find its not as daunting as you think xx #PoCoLo

  2. Still undecided but I have heard you can go for part of the time so I might look into that! Baby steps & all that. I still feel very daunted by it all XO

  3. You must come! You can meet us beforehand and walk in with us so it won’t be scary. You will see kiddies on Fri morning and then can pop into see them sleeping Sat night, So not a whole weekend away, you wouldn’t regret it xxx

  4. Hi Rebecca thanks so much for your comment, I must admit that bought a tear to my eye, what a lovely thing to do. I have sent Kate a message XO

  5. Aby thanks so much for commenting. You’re so sweet, you’re the first one who has offered to walk in with me, I think having someone to meet would make such a difference. I am seriously thinking about it. Thanks Lizzie xo

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