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Hey friends,

Every now and again an advertising campaign just gets it right. The words, the mood of the moment it just catches you. These are the words that caught me, it was the right moment for me to hear them.  The words #UseYourAnd.

Awhile ago I saw the campaign #UseYourAnd for Gillette and the words and the thought behind the campaign actually spoke to me quite deeply, because it was about identity, we need to know this about our identity.

Gillette were saying we label ourselves with these one dimensional labels. Flat, lacking depth, superficial.  The problem with only one dimension is we end up, well flat! Which then limits our potential and puts us in a box. No one ever thrived in a box friends.

When you Use Your And you blow open the misconceptions about yourself and open yourself up to the possibility that you can be more than just one thing at a time.

For example I’m a self confessed introvert, I get my energy from quiet times on my own or at home rather than in social situations. But does that mean that I’m shy or unconfident? Does that mean I can’t work the room with the best of them? No, I am an introvert AND I’m confident AND I love social occasions, I’d just rather stay home to re-energise. Do you see what I mean? So in that case I would say “I’m an introvert AND I’m sociable” one does not cancel out the other, I am both of these things AND more along the spectrum.

I am ditzy and I am intelligent
I am a mother and a wife and I am Lizzie
I am a christian and I love gay people
I am deep and I’m shallow
I think alot and I don’t think things through
I’m a visionary and I lack in ideas
I pray and I don’t read the bible enough
I love music and I love quiet
I am generous and I am selfish
I am a good friend and a bad friend
I am good at listening and not always good at hearing
I am a wife and an individual
I love baths and showers
I love the countryside and the city
I want to party and I want to stay home

I could go on.  We open ourselves up to so much MORE when we use our AND. Let’s be more than one dimension, don’t limit your potential, don’t put yourself in a box.  You are more, so be more and #UseYourAnd

Lizzie xo


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4 thoughts on “Use Your And”

  1. Love this post so much, we are all so complex and that’s the beauty of life isn’t it, you are one amazing girl and this post reassured and uplifted me. I love being loud and outgoing and many people refer to me as the life and soul of the party but I adore my own space and quiet time, and I’m not always ‘on’-and that’s OK xx

  2. Thanks for your edifying comment Vicki, I love hearing that my words are making a difference to someone’s day. You are many, many wonderful things Vicki xo

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