Vlog Stars – Parenting High’s & Low’s

Hey friends,

You are either in for a treat or a laugh, either way it’s all gravy.  This is my first ever vlog.

A vlog is a video log instead of a written blog post.  I’ve been so nervous about doing one but actually with a bit of encouragement from the linky organisers Aby of You Baby Me Mummy & Amy of Mr & Mrs T Plus Three, I’ve found it’s not that bad. In fact once I settled into it I really enjoyed it! I hope you guys enjoy it & empathise with me. This parenting job is hard work, but there are so many wonderful things about parenting.

This vlog comes with the caveat that exhaustion or not we are so grateful to be parents of these two sweet kids.

It is slightly longer than I’d hoped but if you have a spare 10 mins, grab a drink & I’ll tell you my five great things about parenting & my five not to great things.  I actually listed 6 great things (because I can’t count!) but I’d rather go over on the good than the bad.

Lizzie Vlog Stars


So are you guys parents? What would be your highs & lows?

Thanks to my sweet hostesses Aby & Amy, step on over & watch their vlogs too!

Lizzie xo

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

16 thoughts on “Vlog Stars – Parenting High’s & Low’s”

  1. fabulous! I am sure your followers that don’t ‘know’ you will love putting a voice and face to the words. Loved watching this. Very proud of you x

  2. I really feel or you with your little one finishing preschool, my son started big school this year and is was so, so emotional. I am an emotional person too. Well done on your first Vlog yay you did it. I just finished my third, it can be so nerve racking, but you were great. I love my mummy friends too, as you say a sisterhood, it is so helpful and yes coffee dates are awesome. Found you at Vlog Stars, linked up next to you xo

  3. Oh yes the whinging can be annoying! My husband hates it LOL. But all the love and stuff they give you makes it much better.

  4. Thank you so much for listening! Must have been very strange without seeing the face to match the voice! It’s not working on phone devices but should work fine on tablet or laptop. Were you watching on your phone? Xo

  5. Oh how I wish I could just get up get myself ready and leave the house in the morning some days! Also can’t bear the whiny stuff but the cool conversations you can have with little ones is one of my absolute favourite things ever!

    Lizzie, you really are a complete natural and so relaxed at talking on camera and I’m so pleased you joined in with this 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #vlogstars xxx

  6. It’s up to you. If anyone has any ideas about a theme or challenge YOU would like to film for Vlog Stars then let me know in the comments or get in touch with Aby (@YouBabyMeMummy) or I (@MrandMrsTplus3) on Twitter.

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