Watergate Bay Hotel – celebrating 10 years married!!

Watergate Bay Hotel

Staying at the Watergate Bay Hotel has been a dream of mine for many years.  Watergate Bay is where I fell head over heels in love with Cornwall and since I’ve been in love with this man for 12 years now, I thought it was high time we put my two loves together.

In my single days my girlfriends and I would road-trip down to RAF St Mawgan to stay in the officers mess and hang out with our RAF officer friends. It was such a fun time in our lives and we still talk about those two summers, where the sun seemed to shine endlessly and days on the beach made way for nights out in Newquay at the Chy Bar.

Jon and I were thinking about where to go for our 10 year wedding anniversary and Watergate Bay ticked all of our boxes.  We’d stayed at The White House for a mini break with the kids when they were smaller and there are some lovely photos of the beach in that post.

For another family option, read this post by A Suffolk Mum about their stay at the Esplanade Hotel in Newquay.

For our honeymoon we went to Sandals Le Toc Golf and Spa in St Lucia, where we were so exhausted after our wedding (which we planned in 10 months flat!!) that we literally did nothing during our honeymoon except sleep 😉 eat pizza and drink dirty bananas!  I didn’t have a blog back then so can’t link up that post unfortunately! Maybe I’ll do a retrospective post for context!

We really wanted the same vibe for our 10 year trip away because quite frankly we’re knackered parents of two exuberant children who we adore! (Although the dirty bananas have made way for alcohol-free cocktails, for me anyway.) The Watergate Bay Hotel seemed perfect.

Jon knew without asking to stop at the top of the hill looking down on Watergate Bay.  It never fails to take my breath away.  We got out and nearly got blown off the edge; it was such a beautiful day but blowy too!

I didn’t realise quite how windy it was when I chose this gorgeous M&S animal print skirt* to wear! (*affiliate link)

I gulped in huge breaths of sea air and let the wind whip through my hair.  There is something so healing about the Cornish coastline and seeing the sea was like instant therapy.

We headed down to the hotel and before we got out we agreed that we wouldn’t get in the car again until it was time to leave.  We are usually out and about with the kids and not very relaxed and we just wanted to unwind and be together without having anywhere to be.

Having visited Watergate Bay Hotel a few times for lunch, drinks and a non-resident facial, we already knew the layout and headed straight to the Living Space for lunch.  The vibe is so chilled and beachy.  We both visibly relaxed when our lunch arrived.  We both ordered from the specials board; Jon had the hot dog and fries and I had a crab sandwich and fries with salad – hands-down the best crab sandwich I’ve ever had – so fresh and lemony.

We checked into our room which was clean, modern and beachy, continuing the theme really beautifully.  On the way through the hotel we noticed Edward Oliver artwork which was instantly recognisable!  It was so nice to see a slice of Dorset in Cornwall.

We decided after our gorgeous lunch and some sea air to unpack and have a nap.  I woke up two hours later!

We had booked to go for dinner in Zacry’s on the Friday night but we ended up cancelling it because the menu was bit too fancy for what we wanted that day.  Everything seemed to come with salsa verde!

Also, we really wanted to go swimming and I’d slept so long we didn’t get down there until 6ish (pool is open until 9) so we swam, looking out over the beach at the sunset.  We wanted to try the hot tub but once people are in it, they seem to be quite settled!

After our swim we went back to the Living Space and ordered fish and chips twice.  So delicious.  We had kicked off our low-key off grid (ish I couldn’t quite stay away from Instagram) weekend by the beach.

We spent a lot of time in (what we call) The Nook.  A gorgeous room that is part of Swim Club.  Sofas, comfy chairs, books, games, newspapers and an amazing view across Watergate Bay and beyond.

I was having a drink and looking out over the bay when I overheard a couple behind me talking.  She said something like “here I can breathe… In London I can’t breathe”.  She continued, “If you can find out what you like then you are lucky, like these surfers, they know what they like, they are lucky”. It really was so special to look out and see people just being. Being on the beach, running, walking dogs, playing children, people with kites, RNLI lifeguards, so much awesome, colourful and invigorating life. I think that’s what she saw.

I was so happy the hotel had a lovely selection of alcohol-free options since I don’t drink, but still love a pretty drink in a nice glass!  I tried a green smoothie as I’ve never been brave enough before, the colour just puts me off.  I must admit it wasn’t for me, I prefer tropical fruits to spinach and cucumber in my smoothies.

In the evenings I had Seedlip Spice with Fever Tree Tonic and a grapefruit twist. Jon loved the ale selection.

The view of that ocean, teeming with surfers, never fails to catch my breath.  These pictures cannot do the sunset justice, everyone was just staring out of the floor to ceiling glass windows to this amazing natural wonder.  The colours through my glass turned my tipple opaque and almost opal like.

The surfers stayed in the water until it was really quite dark.  The dark dots in the sea in the photos above are the surfers!

We slept well and went down to breakfast held in Zacry’s.  For me, breakfast is what I look forward to most when we’re away, and the breakfast options were really good.  I’m not a fry up kind of person but I could see so many options for cooked food! I headed for the fresh fruits, juices and muesli section while Jon demolished his full English. After looking around, I settled on bircher muesli with compote and waffles.

The waffles were to die for; we even googled buying a waffle machine afterwards on Amazon because it was so amazing! The hotel had measured out the waffle mix in glasses, you just poured it in, shut the top, rotate the whole thing and then set the timer to 3 minutes… Et voila – perfect waffles! A huge jar of nutella and little jugs of maple syrup were next to the waffle station. It was really thrilling! I decided to see what the fuss is about with maple syrup and bacon, but I didn’t like the combo.  I had waffles both mornings and much preferred waffles with maple syrup, natural yogurt and berry compote – such a treat!

Booking in for a ‘Drench’ facial first thing was one of the best decisions I could have made, I cannot really describe how relaxing and rejuvenating it was. While I was being beautified, Jon went to the beach.

The rest of Saturday was make-up-free; we headed up the cliff path and took pictures, reminisced about our wedding, honeymoon, and what we’ve achieved in our 10-year marriage so far.  We’ve had our fair amount of failures and triumphs and are pretty good at laughing at ourselves.

After our walk we were peckish, and headed to the Beach Hut for a later bite at around 2.30pm (we’d seen online the earliest slot for dinner at Fifteen was 9pm).  I had mussels and Jon had nachos.  Then it was a walk on the beach and then back to our room for another 2 hour nap and then another swim.  This time we made it into the hot tub because Jon went for it as soon as we saw the people start to get out of it and I toddled round with the towels!

We really wanted to go to Fifteen as its so special, but we decided not to book and to just turn up and see what happened. We walked in at 7.30 and were greeted by Louise.  She jiggled some things and got us in within 40 minutes; we sat in the waiting area and had a drink and the time passed in no time at all.  Its safe to say I love the atmosphere in Fifteen at Watergate Bay.

The menu is so hunger-inducing; we pushed the boat out and ordered starters and mains. Jon was happy his starter could be adjusted to accommodate his dairy intolerance.  He’s not vegan as he’s also allergic to nuts and a lot of dairy-free alternatives are nut-based. The steak was in-credi-ble – just so, so juicy and tender.  Everything is cooked beautifully.  Of course, it came with salsa verde, but I took the risk and actually quite liked it!

We decided on a no-phone policy during our special dinner but take our word for it, dinner at Fifteen is worth every penny. It was dark while we ate, so the view had gone, but we just loved being there, eating amazing food and watching the chefs in the open kitchen.

The next day, after breakfast (waffles again for me, fry up again for Jon), we decided to hang out in the nook one last time.   I took a selfie and realised just how fresh and relaxed I looked. this is not usually what I look like! A weekend by the sea had been a tonic for my soul and body.

Usually when we’re checking out we leave early; this time we took it right up to the minute. Safe to say our weekend at Watergate Bay Hotel was just what we needed, and a perfect way to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!

We loved the Watergate Bay Hotel. Do you have a favourite destination for special celebrations?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We’ll be celebrating 20 years next year so I’m on the lookout for good places to visit. I’ve heard lots of great things about this hotel. Sounds like you had an amazing time. xxx

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