The week that was…What we did online and IRL

Hi friends,

I feel like everything in the world has happened this week as I look back over everything.  I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground.

What happened IRL…

We’ve ramped back up to MOST of our weekly activities, although I’ve been so up in the air with some groups starting back and some not. To be honest we’ve been all over the place with the holidays, late bedtimes habits continue and the earlier wake ups a struggle.  Tell me I’m not alone!?

Monday & Wednesday

I took both kids to the dentist and the hairdresser this week.  Do you take these trips as a win? Let’s face it they’re not fun trips out and if we make it out with the thing done and dusted and without any meltdowns (mine or theirs) then I take that as a huge parenting win and give myself a virtual hi-5!

Harry’s hair before the hair cut was something else, I don’t know how it grows so big.  He has a blonde fro.

Bless him he’s still dribbling at 7 and I don’t know what to do about it,  The dentist says both kids have an underbite on the left side and is referring them to the orthodontist.  She said perhaps the dribbling could be down to that.  I’m praying it stops soon because I don’t want him to become self conscious.


I picked Katie up from school on Thursday and left Harry there thinking his art club was starting.  Then had a call from the school office asking who would be picking him up please!

Oh the shame! My cheeks were so red but his Dad had a great opportunity to go and get him and he’d been treated to a chocolate chip cookie with the school receptionist who is lovely so he took it as a win and no long term parent damage was done.


We went to church yesterday which was great.  We love church!  We are made up of all kinds of everyone.  All races, colours, creeds and personality types.

Adam talked about our vision going forwards and asked us to pray for the church, the leaders and how we can be a part of that vision.  I always pop a instagram story up when I’m at church in case you’re curious as to what goes on!

An ice cream van came round our way too, in January! Much to the kids delight and my chagrin.


Did you have a blue monday or like me it was ok? I don’t really get it when they say a day is likely to be the most depressing.

I had my second PT session of the week with Kirsty, who is motivating me to hit my goals of dropping a dress size by my birthday end of March.

Keeping a healthy body and mind are at the top of my self care list.  I love that Kirsty sets me a new workout each time and I’m seeing results already.  If you like I can post one of my workouts on here, let me know in the comments if fitness/workouts interest you.

These are my Topshop Leigh jeans which I love, I have 3 pairs and can’t get rid of them even though I haven’t fit in them for about a year.  So these jeans are one of my measures of success.  When I fit in these I’ll be a very happy girl.


What happened online…

My face made it into the Reminiscence Learning monthly newsletter! I’m so happy I can use this little space on the internet to give back in this way.

Back last year Reminiscence Learning gave us their mascot, Archie, who represents someone with dementia.  If you guys have any ideas where I can take Archie on his next adventure let me know!



If you’ve not heard about the #TIMESUPNOW movement can I urge you to search it out.  I’m on board and such a big fan of Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria and of course can we give a round of applause to Oprah? I adore her and see her as a someone to aspire to, I love watching them all on Instagram Stories.

Oprah Winfrey is the Winner of the Cecil B. de Mille award at the 2018 Golden Globes and if you haven’t heard her speech yet then you seriously need to see it. Here’s the link

All the stars on board with #timesupnow wore black to the Golden Globes and it just spoke to me on so many levels.  Solidarity is a powerful and beautiful thing.



I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve James|: A Modern Dining Experience. Steve is a personal chef and has already won awards for his food.  Go ahead and read all about his story and how he started and what he has to say to all budding entrepreneurs.

Bits and bobs…

I’ve just ordered the book She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent in a World That’s Passing Away by Raechel Myers & Amanda Bible Williams (fun fact Bible is her maiden name).

I ordered on Amazon rather than from the She Reads Truth site because everytime I order from the states I get stung in customs tax.  I can’t wait to read it!  What is your go to read at the moment?

Have a great week friends!

Lizzie xo


Disclaimer: No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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