It was so mild this weekend we decided to blow the cobwebs away and take ourselves out.  Over fields on Saturday and to Montacute House on Sunday.  Both kids have been so washed out lately, the fresh air did us all the world of good.

all run FINAL

After a mixed January of not really knowing which direction 2016 is going to take us, we’ve decided not to overthink the situation so much.

When I start to feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure about things, it’s important to go back to basics.

Fresh air


Staying hydrated

Practicing gratitude (counting my blessings)

Quality time with my family and friends


It really is the small things that make this life worth living and I count these things as self care.  Our two (very simple and quite short) hour long yomps in our wellies was so good for all of us.

Good for pulling us all back together again.

Mummy and Bea talking FINAL

Sometimes mine and Jon’s heads are going in two different directions.  His in cars and mine in blog mode.  One marriage and two directions don’t generally go together in my experience!

We’re both quite goal oriented, and it’s been awhile since we’ve sat down and worked out what our individual goals and joint goals are for this year.  We’re incredibly supportive of each other.

Daddy and Bea FINAL cottage garden FINAL

Our quality time together just ‘being’; running, laughing, and being amongst nature and animals has been just what our souls needed.  We put everything down.  We just needed to shake everything off and be silly together.  Life is too serious sometimes.

The kids just loved every minute.  We went out of the walls of the house into the parkland, let them play in mud and splash in puddles, it’s what idyllic childhood is all about.  Climbing, running, exploring.


The seriousness of my boy as he ‘fixed’ the wooden ‘car’.  It’s quite possible he will be a mechanic like his dad.

Harry fixing the car FINAL

Both kids were splashed in mud, but Master H was covered!  Thank heavens for waterproofs.

Little Miss has been potty training for a week and stayed dry all weekend, we’re all absolutely astounded and amazed at how well she’s doing.  It just shows, waiting until the child shows you they’re ready is worth it.  We still carried a portable potty around with us though, just in case!

Pulling on our wellies and just grabbing our camera with no idea what we were going to capture meant it was so relaxed and full of joy.

We passed the camera between us and just snapped away.

And I loved practising with my new DSLR, capturing the little moments and the laughter.  Trying the different settings to see what results I could get with it.  Running after the kids to try and get a shot was great fun!

I think I’m going to really like the focus of photography on our outings together.

It was a really dull and dark day making it tricky to find the right setting.  Most of these were taken of CA (creative auto).  I’m so happy that the colours still pop beautifully.

What did you do this weekend, did you get out in the fresh air?

Lizzie xo




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