Weekly Happy List

I want to remember the little things, the things that make up the fabric that in turn, makes up the tapestry that is our lives and loves.  I’m writing a weekly happy list to help me do just that.

This week I have loved:

  • Hearing SH read to us for the first time, every single word correct and was so happy and proud of himself.
  • Starting to put SB in pull up’s, teaching her to be more independent with potty training.
  • Yomping across the field with SH collecting wild flowers and dead foliage, it looks fab in my large vase in the living room.
  • Fresh air and Somerset rolling hills

This week I am grateful for:

  • Health, Jon has tonsillitis and I’m so grateful once again to the NHS and antibiotics, pray they kick in soon friends he’s in agony.  It’s an honour to look after him.
  • M&S food, we got back from hols yesterday to nothing in the house, I hot tailed it to the Food Hall and am now sorted for the week.
  • Time together.  Although our holiday in Cornwall was interspersed with challenging times (the kids behaviour mostly!) I am so grateful that we were all together in a beautiful county, I love being by the sea, even when it is raining!
  • Opportunities to teach our children how to behave in public and be considerate of each other.

Looking forward to:

  • The Light disco at school (SH’s first School disco!)
  • The rest of the Half Term with SH
  • Nights in front of the wood burner
  • M&S teas!
  • Liv’s sweet 16th birthday.

What are you grateful for this week?


Lizzie xo

The List

3 thoughts on “Weekly Happy List”

  1. Thanks, Lizzie, for the ongoing flow of creative posts on your website…..keep them rolling. You have quite a flair for such communication and am are an encouragement to many…. I am sure….

    Kind regards, David

  2. Oh I love a happy list! This is gorgeous huni, you are such a wonderful, kind person and it comes across in everything you write. Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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