Weekly Happy List

I want to write a weekly happy list to help me remember the little things, the little things that make up the fabric that in turn make up the tapestry that are our lives and loves.

This week I am reminded more and more that my time at home with the kids is so short.  There are still days that are a struggle due to the ages of the kids, of course.

Little Miss in particular is pushing the boundaries at the moment and has an actual TALENT of running away as fast as she can.  We have all been hit with a bug, some worse than others.  Life has been all over the place it seems.

Still there are little gems that make life wonderful! I am so thankful for:

  • Master H moved on to Stage 2 words and hearing him read to my Dad, special moment.
  • Master H practising his writing by getting my friends to write down their names for him to copy.  He loves learning.
  • Little Miss enjoying colouring in much to my delight (which Master H never took to) and playing with an old baby puzzle.
  • Going through old toys to give away to those less fortunate.
  • Getting through my ironing pile and finding a whole wardrobe I forgot I had.
  • Giving a load of old ill fitting clothes to the charity shop.
  • Finishing my post on vulnerability for YCC (Brene Brown eat your heart out).
  • Sitting with people I know and trust during the vulnerability service at church in which I definitely felt vulnerable! So grateful for people to do ‘real life’ with.
  • Getting started on Christmas shopping.
  • Feeling better AND brighter after being hit with a bug for 2 weeks.
  • Finally getting the flu nasal spray into Master H after going back and forth with the surgery. So thankful for our NHS!
  • Holding Little Miss for hours when she was sick with the croup.  Love her so much.

Looking forward to with/ the blog:

  • Soul searching about why I write this blog and what I want to bring.
  • Pausing to write a Mission Statement for the blog.
  • A trip to Cribs Causeway to meet a fellow blogger for coffee.
  • Investing time in learning my individual style especially on Instagram.
  • Investing time in one to one conversations on social media.

Looking forward to with /family:

  • Seeing my family Rosie, Jason and Miss E (albeit fleetingly) at the weekend.
  • Going out with TJ and Helen on Saturday night (watch out Yeo).
  • Having Joe and Claire over for chilli and rice on Sunday lunchtime (note to self don’t drink too much Sat night).

What are you thankful for this week?

Lizzie xo

You Baby Me Mummy

5 thoughts on “Weekly Happy List”

  1. What a wonderful list! Love how you’re found the stuff to be thankful for even when you’re poorly. For me, so far this week, I’m thankful that Elsie is loving nursery again after a rotten few weeks, I’m thankful that my blog continues to make me so happy and fulfilled and I’m thankful for my amazing eye lash extensions! (Goodbye mascara!) Shallow I know, but true 😉 X #TheList

  2. I’m so glad Elsie is enjoying nursery again, it’s so hard seeing our kids not totally happy isn’t it? Your blog is fab Katie, I enjoy reading it very much, lots of truth going on there and food for thought too. Love the eye lash extensions, saw them on FB, fabulous! xo

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