Weekly Happy List

I want to write a weekly happy list to help me remember the little things, the little things that make up the fabric that in turn make up the tapestry that are our lives and loves.

Well I’ve been amiss with the ‘weekly’ aspect of my weekly happy list.  I have been happy honestly! Although the ongoing cold can go it’s merry way now.

I just find it hard to remember to write down the little things sometimes, especially at busy times like at Christmas, and then two weeks has gone by…  does that happen to you?

I want to write about this weekend, a wonderful weekend by the sea in winter.

Me, Jon and the kids went to Cornwall for the millionth time this year.  We were finally to see the Mousehole Christmas Lights.

It was everything we wanted it to be and more.  The amount of people and the atmosphere was incredible.  The sweet sound of a cornish male voice choir singing Christmas carols to a silver band.  The anticipation and finally, the lights went on.

Mousehole lights

  • Master H’s face and voice as he excitedly pointed out the ‘whale, ‘look mummy Postman Pat, ‘a stocking’ and so on, tears came to my eyes, it was a beautiful moment as I held him close and kissed his cheek at the wonderment of it all.
  • Seeing the kids with their buckets and spades on the beach in December.
  • Hearty fish pie and a glass of chardonnay at The Ship Inn is an ongoing small joy for me.
  • The kids being so well behaved.
  • The kids sleeping through the night.  Oh yeah.

Onto other highlights:

  • Master H got a 100% attendance certificate for the autumn term at school.
  • Master H was a camel in his nativity and made his mum cry again.
  • Little Miss has started saying ‘ excuse me’ and patting the seat next to her when she wants you to sit down, so cute,
  • Christmas Food Channel. So good.
  • My friend who started his weight watchers journey only a few short weeks ago has lost nearly 3 stone! Amazing, I’m so proud.
  • Rosie sent a picture of baby E through and she has grown, can’t wait to give her a squeeze soon.
  • Getting baby E and baby H’s Christmas presents, they are gorgeous and I’m so excited about it.
  • More linkers for City Country Life, it’s all about community for me and less is more when building relationships!
  • So much to look forward to next year including two best girlfriends getting married! EEeee.

So what are you happy about this week?

Lizzie xo

2 thoughts on “Weekly Happy List”

  1. What a great list! The light show looks amazing and I could so go for a fish pie in a nice pub right now!

    I find it’s much easier to write when there’s something you want to moan about because when you’re happy you’re usually off doing the thing that’s making you happy – if that makes sense?

    What am I happy for? My Mum is coming back up to Edinburgh on Wednesday after a few weeks in Sussex, Katie’s ballet show is this Wednesday, we have some play dates planned with ‘new’ people in the holidays and my house is slowly getting ready for Christmas. Good to have to think of positives! Xx

  2. I am dreaming about the fish pie! But I do have a chardonnay in hand so it’s all good. I definitely know what you mean, when I’m happy I’m in the moment.
    Give your mum a lovely welcome home, Mum’s are fab. Enjoy Katie’s ballet show, I can’t wait to get our Katie into that in the future. Happy Christmas and hope to see you link up for our Christmas Traditions topic this week for City Country Life before a break until the new year xo

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