Weekly Happy List

weekly happy list

As an ex-negative thinker, I still find I can lapse into old habits.  This happens when either I’m ill or we’re going through a particular hard time in the night with the kids.  I know my triggers are tiredness and not feeling well.

Recently I’ve noticed myself going down that well trodden road again.

I reliased I’d forgotten my Weekly Happy List

So to stop negative thinking from taking over, I’m writing a list.  A list of things that have happened or that I appreciate.   I know that gratitude is the key to a more joyful life.

Things that have stuck.

  • Master H has been in abit of a funk recently and just not himself, I talked to his teacher about it who said he was a little washed out.  He overheard and later on piped up and said ‘Mrs W said I’m abit sinked out Mummy’.  I nearly cried with laugher and I think this will stick for years to come.
  • Little Miss and bestie Miss J saying goodbye to each other every morning after the school run is hilarious.  They shout at the top of their lungs over and over again ‘BYE’, ‘BYE’ (which carries quite far over the playground), and the thing is they see each other literally 5 mins later at preschool!


  • Our health is good in the scheme of things of which we are grateful, although it could be better sinus colds and silent migraines have struck again, it’s nothing that good food and rest won’t heal. I am always thankful for our continued good health and wellbeing.
  • A new workout at the gym is working out so much better and smarter for this time in my life.  Those v-sits though? Ouchy!
  • Little Miss is currently being potty trained and she is getting it much more than I thought she would.  Keeping it real and low in expectations works and it feels much relaxed then with Master H when I had a baby to contend with too!


  • Bloggers who care.  In my blank brain phase of blogging I’m still engaging, still making connections and chatting to motivating and lovely like minded people. Which is really what I started this blog for, to engage.   I’m currently being mentored by Katy of What Katy Said behind the scenes and learning loads!  She’s a gem.
  • Working my first shift on Reception at our church was way more fun than I thought it would be (and I got a free cappuccino).  I’d forgotten how fulfilling a laminating machine can be.
  • Continuing the work on the blog for church is so rewarding and part of my passion for community!

Looking forward to:

  • Blognix Retreat with Karen from 365 Pearls of Wisdom (who re-shared my guest post here)
  • Little Miss’s birthday planning (look out Pinterest!)
  • A weekend meal at our friends house this weekend!

I hope you’re having a great week.

Lizzie xo

1 thought on “Weekly Happy List”

  1. Focusing on positive things is such a healthy approach in my view. Negative things can seem so overwhelming sometimes – particularly when they trigger big emotions – and it’s so easy for them to take over. I like this approach as it helps us to remember that there’s usually so much more to be positive about! Xx

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