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When times are good and when times are not so good, I’m grateful for my life and the people in it.  That’s the thing about gratitude, it’s counting your blessings no matter what.  That’s why I write a weekly happy list.

We’ve had major tantrums from Harry, sleep deprivation due to both kids being up in the night for over a week and re-emerging sinus infections.  As far as weeks go it’s not been the best.  It’s episodes like these where it’s even more important to write about the small joys that life brings, otherwise they are lost amongst the tiredness.

My weekly happy list of things that have happened or that I appreciate.   I know that gratitude is the key to a more joyful life.

There are always, ALWAYS, things to be grateful for:

Katie cinderella

  • Successfully getting new shoes for Harry despite protest!
  • Baking this week’s ‘feast’ biscuits for my Feast & Ferret post with Harry and he loved them!
  • Katie being dry day and night for over a week
  • The fact that Katie wants to wear a princess dress all the time.
  • Booking Katie’s 3rd birthday party
  • Going to our friend Miss L’s 5th birthday party with piñata. Such a laugh watching the kids bash the heck out of it, poor donkey.
  • Going to my gym just to go in the steam room and sauna. Such a treat for my poor sinuses!
  • Catching up with my mates Em, Carol and Helen.
  • Having the opportunity to cook a meal for a family that needed some TLC.
  • Helping set up a memorial service at church for a local 18 year old was humbling and a privilege.
  • Buying a new recipe book, Deliciously Ella, just the photography has given me joy.
  • Reading Marie Kondo’s book about tidying, I’m only on Chapter 2 and I’m hooked!
  • Reaching 600 followers on Instagram!
  • Getting my partner’s details for the Wintertime Surprise Project.

Looking forward to…

  • Valentines Day! I spent far too many year without a valentine so I love celebrating it.  Do you know I didnt get a valentines card until I was 30? Sad story right!
  • We moved into our home 6 years ago on the 13th Feb.  We’ve been so happy here!
  • Going out for dinner on Saturday night.
  • Gathering my parcel for the Wintertime Surprise Project.

What are you grateful for this week?

Lizzie XO

2 thoughts on “WEEKLY HAPPY LIST”

  1. Love this so much, can relate to the sleep deprivation and sinus issues, Xander has woken up all week with a blocked nose. Yay for the small victories though, kids having fun, booking birthday parties and making lists to remember and cherish the good. So important. Loved this x

  2. Definitely it’s the small victories I focus on. My kids always have the ability even during the really hard times, to bring a smile to my face with something they say or do, a little sloppy kiss on the cheek does wonders for me! Thanks for your comment honey xo

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