Weekly Happy List

weekly happy list

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray!

Seriously how amazing is it to have blue skies again after an eternity (!) of grey, dull days.

Last week was Half Term hence you didn’t hear from me, I don’t really blog in the school holidays at all, the kids rarely let me sit down and work.  It’s easier (and less frustrating for all of us) just to give them all of my time and pick it up again when they’re at preschool/school.

Master H has been seriously washed out recently, I’m hoping the spring-like weather will put a spring back in his step.  Hate seeing him so tired.

Little Miss is also pushing boundaries ALL THE TIME, answering back, shrieking, slamming doors! Not sure exactly what’s going on and I’m hoping this is all normal, exerting her independence stuff.

I’m just staying really patient, trying to see each outburst as an opportunity to teach and show that this behaviour is not what we want for her.  It will pass.

Here are my happy’s/joys and some sorrow!

  • During Half Term we were reading Master H’s school books and he improved with every reading, he’s such a hard worker.
  • Jon took two days off so I got to go to the gym and we hung out as a family too.
  • I heard from a dear school friend and we’re catching up on Thursday.
  • Planning Little Miss’s birthday party.
  • Sending off my Wintertime Surprise Project parcel.
  • Chinese takeaway with Jon, Rosie and Tom.
  • Holding my niece Miss E! and passing on more of Little Miss’s baby clothes.
  • Starting to implement the KonMari Method of tidying which is already making a huge difference.  Last week I dealt with a mountain of clothes, this week its books eek, I’m putting it off, it feels like we have a million books and I’m scared to start.
  • The opportunity to sponsor two young girls in Guatemala who have been abused and are pregnant.
  • The heartbreak I’m feeling about how those girls must have been treated and are feeling right now is a burden I’m happy to take on, and just wanting so much to hug them and hoping my sponsorship tells them that.
  • Little Miss going into a big girls bed.
  • Looking forward to Blognix Retreat with my blogging bestie Karen!

What’s touched your heart this week? No matter what we always have something to be grateful for.

Have a great week all!

Lizzie xo

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