Weekly Happy List (and a list of non negotiable’s)

weekly happy list

I’ve been tagged by Hannah from Budding Smiles to write a list of non-negitable’s for happiness.  I thought that sat quite nicely in my weekly happy list.

Katie at Pouting in Heels provided Hannah’s inspiration in the list every woman needs to make.

About three years ago I made a conscious decision to practice self-care.  I believe that happiness, joy and balance all come from looking after ourselves.

I also believe it brings about a greater authenticity, how can we be authentic or real with everybody else if we don’t know ourselves?

Taking care of myself in body, mind, spirit.  It enables me to look after my family effectively and when I don’t practice self care I end up choking, burning out and gasping for water.

My non negotiable list come out of the things I need for a balanced and happy life.

(Have my kids had this memo? I doubt it).


  • I need sleep! As a mum to two young kids even one night broken sleep affects me badly and this happens on a fairly regular basis.  It’s my biggest trigger to running out of steam.
  • I need a slow and quiet start in the mornings.  Noise in the mornings before I wake up properly have been known to bring on silent migraines (and grumpiness).


  • I need time to just wander, potter in vintage/charity shops and daydream on my own.  This is a once a month need and without it I get cranky!
  • I need to BLOG (but not too much). Blogging is such an intrinsic part of me now, when I don’t make time to write and share my ‘wisdom’ (ha!) my thoughts start overcrowding my head! After running this blog for 2 and a half years I’ve finally settled on a schedule that works for me and my family.
  • I need the sea in my life, we go every two months or so and I love it.  I have the countryside on my doorstep every day, and every now and then I just have to go to stand and STARE out to sea, get lost in the waves and breathe in the sea breeze. It’s like therapy. If there happens to be a Lamorna Fizz from the Rockpool Cafe in my hand all the better.


  • I need to read everyday and no I don’t mean Facebook.  Blogs, books, articles, interviews, magazines.  I read on my Kindle, on my iMac and I have a weekly subscription to HELLO! that Jon got me for an anniversary that we’ve kept going. I love reading about inspiring people and taking in stories that encourage and edify me.  I also love eye pleasing visuals, fashion, interiors and style.


  • I need to go to the gym twice a week, either to do my gym workout, pilates or do a swim/steam room.  I know how good going there makes me feel but sometimes I struggle with motivation to get going if it’s dark and cold. I ALWAYS come away feeling loads better than when I went in.  Jon kicks me to go and I never regret it!


  • I need time to soak in the word, listen to worship music and pray either by myself or with Jon or with other people.


  • Sometimes I get opportunities in my inbox that ask me to work for free.  From now on unless it’s a charity or cause that really grabs me the answer will be no.  This is not because all of a sudden I’ve turned into a money grabber, I pour time and effort into this space and have built up a lovely readership (that’s you!) and I deserve to be paid for it, it’s all about knowing my worth. I want to be able to grab the great opportunities when they come along and making space for that to happen is a wise move.


  • Volunteering, being a mentor, commenting and sharing blog posts, taking time out to take a grieving neighbour flowers are all examples of how I give back.  This morning I paid for a coffee for the next tired mum that came into Starbucks, my friend Karen gave me that idea over the weekend.  All very simple and all help towards self care not becoming ‘all about me’, but about what I can do/achieve for others when I’m on the top of my game.


  • Finally I couldn’t have a list without mentioning my word for 2016! Quality is in all of my decisions and that is not negotiable for this year.  Quality time with my kids, my husband, my wider family and my small circle.  Quality sustainable fashion, quality in all my decisions.

I could probably go on and on and on.  What would your non-negotiables for happiness be?

Lizzie xo

2 thoughts on “Weekly Happy List (and a list of non negotiable’s)”

  1. I’ve decided to do the same when I get emails asking me to work for free! So annoying now especially when I get them for my freelance work aswell. I have started volunteering as a way to give back and settle in since I’ve moved to Somerset but my main non-negotiable is making time for Tim and I; something that we rarely have. He’s working from home today and a dog walk without the kids has been lovely! 🙂 x #CityCountryLife

  2. Quality is a great word for the year – and having a non-negotiable list sounds great too. And makes a lot of sense when you write it down. #citycountrylife

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