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Hi friends,

Welcome to my new post series Weekly Happy List.

Monday rolls round quick doesn’t it? Not just Monday actually, I just blinked and my kids turned 5 and 2.5.  My eldest started school in September and soon it’s Half Term.  When did that happen?

It’s high time to get back to basics.  When I started this blog I was suffering with Post Natal Anxiety and the effects on that seeped into my (our) whole life.  Unable to go out that much or join in with playgroups, the burden of responsibility of looking after two young children was robbing me of joy.  So I started this blog, to mindfully choose to celebrate the little things, the mundane things in a way.  These are actually the big things, when we look back and our children are grown up, the little things are the big things.

So I’m starting a Weekly Happy List which will also help me to remember these things that make up the fabric that in turn makes up the tapestry of my little family and the things we love; right here, right now.

I’m going to start with joys from last week as last week was a great week!

Pump Rooms

  • My sister Rosie and her 7 week old baby E came down to stay with Mum and Dad it was so nice to see them!
  • Going to Bath for the day with my Mum, sis, baby E and SB and being treated to tea and cake in the Pump Rooms.
  • SB had a chocolate cake the size of her head in the Pump Rooms and approached it like a pro.
  • Buying SB’s winter wardrobe in Jojo Maman Bebe
  • Putting the world to right with my sister
  • Finally getting the guts to publish the post about my hometown Yeovil
  • SH getting a great school report
  • Seeing SH’s literacy and numeracy books, he’s coming on leaps and bounds
  • SH excitedly telling us about the school labyrinth, all the classes took turns to help build it.
  • SH telling me more and more ‘I love you mummy’.
  • How SB strokes my hair and cups my chin with her hand.  Not so sure about the full on snogs though!

Our Weekend:

  • Me and Jon celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary at Little Barwick House in Somerset, literally 5 mins drive from our house!
  • A night away from home, the peace and quiet and a lie in
  • The 3 course meal and bottle of wine
  • Andrews Original Salts (a saviour for over indulgence!)
  • Chatting with Jon about our hopes and dreams
  • Flowers from my honey
  • Watching the Chronicles of Narnia and Doc Martin in front of the fire

What I’m looking forward to this week:

  • Working on a new linky behind the scenes with Becca Jones (very exciting, coming in Nov!)
  • A mum/son date after school
  • Nights in front of the wood burner
  • Catching up with my mentor Chrissy
  • Half Term starts on Friday!
  • Packing for our break in Cornwall
  • Taking SB into the countryside to find conkers, acorns and leaves
  • Finding and baking a simple oat/raisin recipe for Feast & Ferret this week.  (If you know any let me know!)
  • Sea air (needed desperately).

Have a great week all! Enjoy the little things.

Lizzie xo

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Happy List”

  1. This is so sweet – I love reading your gratitude for all the things in your life that make you happy and so important to give thanks for them as you know! Xoxoxo

  2. It’s so nice to read lists like this that celebrate the small things – I live in London where I normally feel completely invisible but since I started looking up and smiling more I have found that people actually seem happy to engage and smile back. I had no idea that was all it would take!

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