What is Christmas About For Me?


Christmas, what’s it about? It’s so many things, different things to lots of people….

It’s about Jesus.
It’s not about Jesus.

It’s about presents.
It’s not about presents.

It’s about meeting up with friends & family.
Friends & family are too busy to meet up.

It’s about the Roast Dinner.

It’s about the Queens speech at 3pm.

It’s about tradition.

It’s about trying something new for your family.

It’s about the kids.

It’s about me.

It’s about you.

It’s about the past.
It’s about the future.

It’s about making memories.
It’s about memories past.

It’s about elfs on shelves.
It’s about advent calendars.
It’s about Father Christmas.
It’s about stockings.
It’s about wrapping.
It’s about the tree.
It’s about crib services, christingle, carol singing.
It’s about the nativity.
It’s about mad Christmas shopping.
It’s about Christmas movies.
It’s about dressing up.
It’s about baubles.
It’s about sparkle.

It’s about stress.
It’s about dashing about.

Christmas represents all of this & more!

Christmas is just ‘about’ too many things! My poor little brain can’t take it all.

Somewhere amongst it all I’ve lost the joy of Christmas.

In an attempt to make things simpler & easier in my life here’s what Christmas is going to be about for me.

Being joyful amongst the busyness. Thanking Jesus that he didn’t stay the little baby in the manger. Thanking him that he died & rose again. Thanking Him that he walks with me day in day out. Not just on Christmas Day but today & every day.

So when I say ‘Joy to the World’ I mean today.



When I say ‘Peace to all Men’ I don’t mean ‘then’ I mean today!

When I say Happy Christmas, what I’m actually saying is look, Jesus is about more than the nativity. He’s the greatest gift ever to be bestowed on this earth.

Whatever else I make it about let me please remember that He’s here TODAY!! & all my days. Always.


Until the next time friends
Have a great day

Lizzie xx

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