What We’ve Been Doing Lately

Hey Friends,

Who decides to go away in a caravan in October?? That would be us!

We were on hols last week in a slightly chilly Cornwall.  It really doesn’t matter what time of year you go to Cornwall, the rugged beauty of the North Coast is stunning all year round.

Our trip this time seemed to be more about what we didn’t do, about having quality family time with less.  Less stress, less internet, less work, less of taking photographs for absolutely everything we did like we usually do!

It wasn’t until we  got to our static van that we realised we had to pay for wifi! No & no thank you.

Thankfully we didn’t care & this set the scene for our blissful week away from social media.  I did feel a bit cut off, but in a really good way.  (Can I be honest though & say when we came across free wifi I hopped on immediately?? I’m only human! Owning it)

So the photo’s are not really blog worthy, but it’s our life & our holiday, just as it is.

I have to admit when you have two young kids it’s comforting going somewhere you know where all the kiddy friendly places are.

We went back to Rick Stein’s in Padstow, so kid friendly with highchairs & baby changing facilities.  You have to leave your buggy outside which is fine if it isn’t raining which thankfully it wasn’t while we were there.  I had grilled salmon & chips.

Sweet Couple Rick Stein Sweet family Rick Stein

My Favourites enjoying fish & chips at Rick Stein’s famous restaurant in Padstow.

My Dad took the picture of my & Jon, he thought it was pretty good! Bless him!!

Sweet Harry Proper Pic

Here is the best photo I could get with Master H who is never happy to pose for pictures! I quite like it, it’s the real us that’s for sure, always goofing around!

Sweet Harry the Knight Trerice Fire Great Hall

Master H the Knight enjoying a snack at Trerice Manor near Newquay & the fire in the Great Hall.

Master H enjoyed doing the trail looking for pumpkins, skeletons & bats.  We were also given a booklet with 50 Things to Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4 & got a sticker!

There was chain armour & old toys to touch.  We couldn’t resist getting him the play armour in the gift shop!!  Plus it’s the first time he’s has ever shown as interest in dressing up.

I treated myself to a facial at the Watergate Bay Hotel which was bliss, followed by a latte while Jon took the sweet kids to soft play.  I so needed it (&there was free wifi! & THIS VIEW!

You can’t see here but loads of people on the beach being blown along & flying kites!

Watergate Bay Hotel Latte View

We also went back to Truro to the Waterstones to chose books which we always do with the kids.

Whatever you’re doing, have a great week!

Lizzie XO




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