Wood Burner Love

Hey friends,

A few weeks ago we swapped out a modern gas fire for a wood burning stove. By far the best decision we’ve made with this house. I have serious wood burner love.


We gave the contract for the work to Sandpits in Curry Rivel, a Somerset based business we’d heard great things about.

They pulled out the old gas fire, disconnected the gas and fitted a 904 flue.  Then they sanded the bricks, knocked out the cracked mortar and washed the bricks with a solution and refilled the mortar with a light mortar mix.  We were over the moon with how the bricks turned out.

Next, they cut out our oak floor boards and laid a slate hearth before installing the Charnwood C5 stove and adding the portuguese limestone surround.  It took them 3 full days and I think they did a great job.

I’ve been on Pinterest and searched ‘how to decorate a mantle’, there are some great ideas and step by step guides on there.

This tutorial on Pinterest really caught my eye and I followed the photo guide to build up my own mantle.

  1. anchor
  2. weight
  3. filler

We already had the oak mirror as a gift from my grandparents for our wedding so we used that as the ‘anchor’.  The ‘filler’ fills up the mid section of the mantle.  I used succulents in jars / Ortiga candle / ‘Matches’ box.


I totally splurged in the palm tree candle sticks from India Jane at Weekend in Sherborne and I added St Eval candlesticks also from Weekend in Sherborne (actually I think we got the Matches box from there too).  The candlesticks act as the ‘weight’ aspect either side of the mantle.

The fillers will be the cheaper options that will move in and out depending on the season, I think my candle sticks will stay there year round because I just love the colonial style and that’s the overall look I want for the fireplace and my lounge in general.  I fell in love with the colonial style on honeymoon in St Lucia.

It’s not quite finished, we need a poker set on the hearth both practically and to enhance the Charnwood stove.


I’m really happy with how it’s turned out so far. Although I’m sure I can take more direction on how to make the mantle really wow.  What do you think? Do you decorate your mantle?

Lizzie xo
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6 thoughts on “Wood Burner Love”

  1. So glad I came across your post! We also had a wood burning stove put in last year and we absolutely love it. I still haven’t got around to dressing it so will definitely be looking at your anchor/weight/filler tutorial. We have a mirror but I really need to find some other pieces to finish it off. I’m also thinking of adding some wallpaper. Thanks for sharing #Brillblogposts

  2. Thank you! I love home decor so whenever I find something I know will just ‘fit’ I get so excited! Love a bit of well appointed wallpaper. Pinterest is full of great ideas for decorating a mantle, I was grateful for the tutorial xo

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